Our vision for High Road West is for it to be a fun, vibrant and safe place to live and work, with a range of modern, high-quality homes that meet the needs of residents and offers more choice to get on the housing ladder. Families and young people will have first-class facilities to use, with ample open space, plenty of places to relax and spend time, and an interesting mix of shops, places to eat and drink, and provide residents and visitors with shops and services, which complement the exciting leisure offer provided by the new Spurs development while providing long-lasting job opportunities for local people.

Where is the High Road West area?

The High Road West area is broadly between Tottenham High Road and the railway line, running from Brereton Road in the south to the former Sainsburys site in the north. 

Who is affected?

To build a better High Road West and bring the changes you’ve told us you want to see, the High Road West Masterplan sets out how a number of properties would need to be acquired and demolished to allow for new buildings, more homes, improved community and leisure facilities and plenty of open space.

The following properties are affected:

  • The Love Lane Estate: 297 properties on the Love Lane Estate would be demolished, including: Ermine House, Charles House, Moselle House, 2-32 Whitehall Street, 3-89 Whitehall Street, 4-18 Brereton Road, 2-28 Orchard Place, 9-39 White Hart Lane, and Kathleen Ferrier Court.
  • 731- 759 Tottenham High Road
  • Businesses in Peacock Industrial Estate, Chapel Place, the Carberry Enterprise Centre, the Goodsyard and businesses on the old Sainsbury’s site

The masterplan aims to retain as many High Road properties as possible. However, some properties would be demolished to ensure that improved community facilities, modern retail units and new homes can be delivered. Haringey Council aims to relocate businesses within the borough and will be working with each individual business to find a solution, while the Re-housing Team will be working with residents to help them find suitable alternative accommodation.


Following extensive consultation with residents, the regeneration proposals and plans for High Road West were approved by Haringey Council’s Cabinet on Tuesday 16 December 2014.

The High Road West Masterplan, put together by planning and design experts Arup, is a technical document for an area that shows potential street layouts, public spaces, amount of housing and where key buildings could be - sets out how new high-quality homes, community and leisure facilities and space for new businesses will be delivered. It is an important step in delivering the type of change that residents want to see in the local area.

All secure council tenants living on the Love Lane Estate will be offered a new, modern home at a social rent in the High Road West area and all resident leaseholders will be offered the opportunity to purchase an affordable home in the High Road West area.

Please note this is a very large file and may take a while to download.

Lendlease appointed as development partner

A 12-month procurement process to select a new development partner to take forward the High Road West masterplan and development commenced in May 2016.  Lendlease has been appointed as the development partner for the scheme and the development agreement was signed on 20 December 2017.

Residents from the Love Lane estate have played a key participative role throughout the procurement process, shaping their new neighbourhood and the design of their new homes.

Working with the ITLA Damian Tissier – a residents Design Panel was set up and produced a design guide – based on the principals of Love Lane Residents Charter and complementing the High Road West Local Area Action Plan.

Representatives from the Design Panel, along with the chair of the Love Lane Residents Association, formed part of the residents Procurement Team who met with all the potential partners. The team of residents presented their plans including; what the new homes could look like, the specification for the new Library and Learning Centre and discussed the wider social, economic and community benefits.  Their feedback helped inform the partners proposals.

Lendlease will help deliver your aspirations for the area with high quality new homes, modern community facilities, improved employment opportunities and a safe, welcoming neighbourhood.

Building on the High Road West Masterplan, the High Road West development will create:

  • More than 2,500 high quality homes, with at least 750 affordable homes for local people
  • 191 high-quality council homes which will be managed by Homes for Haringey, meeting the aspirations of the Resident Charter agreed with local residents
  • A cutting edge new library and learning centres
  • A refurbished community hub with new facilities at the Grange
  • A new civic square for community activities and cultural events, flanked by new shops, restaurants and cafes
  • New green spaces including gardens, children’s play area and outdoor gym
  • More than £10million social and economic support for businesses and residents
  • Investment in the town centre and community events
  • Thousands of construction jobs and hundreds of new jobs following development
  • A new industrial space to support businesses from the existing Peacock Industrial Estate
  • A new district energy centre

View the report agreed by Cabinet on 12 September 2017 here (external link)

You can view the Development Agreement here (PDF, 784KB). Please note some parts of this documnet are redcated for legal or financial reasons.

To find out all the latest updates on the HRW scheme visit www.highroadwest.london (external link).


In September 2018 we informed residents that we intend to hold a resident ballot in spring 2019 on whether the Love Lane Estate is demolished to facilitate the High Road West Regeneration Scheme to go ahead.

For more information visit our dedicated ballot webpage.

Supporting documents

  1. The story so far (PDF, 49KB)
  2. Resident Aspirations (PDF, 53KB)
  3. The vision of the future of High Road West (PDF, 345KB)
  4. Design (PDF, 1,021KB)
  5. Housing (PDF, 250kb)
  6. Business (PDF, 343KB)
  7. Open Spaces (PDF, 360KB)
  8. Community Benefits (PDF, 283KB)
  9. Transport and Movement (PDF, 343KB)
  10. Station Square (PDF, 182KB)
  11. Peacock Gardens (PDF, 203KB)
  12. The High Road and West Hart Lane (PDF, 506KB)
  13. Who is affected (PDF, 983KB)
  14. Next Steps (PDF, 343KB)
  15. High Road West Masterplan Framework - Equalities Impact Assessment (PDF, 1,1MB)
  16. High Road West - Memorandum of Information (PDF, 2.8KB)
  17. High Road West timeline (PDF, 550KB)

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