Civica Election Services (CES), the independent body who ran the ballot, have informed us that the majority of residents who took part voted ‘Yes’, with 55.7% voting in favour.

Residents have been informed and we will be in touch very soon to confirm the next steps. 

Thank you to everyone who voted. 


The resident ballot ran from Friday 13 August to Monday 6 September.

All eligible voters were sent a copy of the Landlord Offer document, which is the Council’s guarantees to residents should they choose to vote ‘yes’ in the ballot. You can read the Landlord Offer at the below link:

The Landlord Offer confirms our guarantee that existing secure tenants, non-secure tenants placed in temporary accommodation by the Council, and resident leaseholders on the Love Lane Estate will be able to move to a new high-quality home in the newly redeveloped neighbourhood. 


Here to help

Our dedicated team are here to help, and no question is too big or too small. If you would like to speak to one of the team, please contact your Community Engagement Officer, Lauren Schneider on or 07816 151961.

You can also come see us in person on Love Lane Estate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, from 3 August to 3 September, 10-2pm.

We are also available for 1-1 discussions at the Grange on White Hart Lane, including evenings. If you would like to book an appointment at a time that works for you, please contact us using the details above. We can also arrange for a translator in attendance.

Why do we need to hold a ballot?

The Council has agreed funding with the Greater London Authority (GLA) to help deliver 500 new high-quality Council homes at council rents. To deliver the new homes, jobs, businesses and community space we will need to demolish and rebuild homes on the Love Lane Estate.

The Council has been working closely with Love Lane residents over the recent months and years to understand what you need and would like to see happen in the future with their homes.

The decision to undertake a ballot meets our commitment that the local community must be shaping any changes in their local neighbourhood. It will also meet the requirements of the GLA in line with the Mayor of London’s Resident Ballot Requirement for funding of schemes which comprise the demolition of social homes and the construction of 150 or more homes.

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Who is eligible to vote in the ballot?

The ballot is open to all residents’ aged 16 years or older living on the Love Lane Estate who meet one or more of the following three eligibility criteria:

  • Social tenants, including those with secure, assured, flexible or introductory tenancies, named as a tenant on a tenancy agreement dated on or before July 2021 (date of the Landlord Offer publication)
  • Resident leaseholders or freeholders who have been living in their properties as their only or principal home for at least one year prior to July 2021 and are named on the lease or freehold title for their property
  • Any resident whose principal home is on the estate and who has been on Haringey Council’s housing register for at least one year prior to July 2021, irrespective of their current tenure

Residents living in temporary accommodation and private rented sector tenants are eligible to vote provided that they have been on the local authority housing register for one year or more prior to the date the Landlord Offer is published (regardless of how long they have lived on the estate).

The eligibility criteria is as stated in the Mayor of London's guidance on ballots. Read the guidance here (external link)

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Who will be responsible for undertaking the ballot?

Civica Election Services (formerly known as Electoral Reform Services) are the UK’s leading independent provider of end-to-end ballot, election and voting services. They have been appointed as the independent body to undertake the ballot on High Road West. 

They will review processes for registration of voters, advise Haringey Council on the question to be put to ballot, ensure that votes are accurately recorded and counted, and confirm the overall ballot process meets GLA requirements.

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How will the ballot work?

Voting packs will be posted first class to all eligible residents on Friday 13 August 2021. Residents can cast their vote as soon as the ballot paper arrives by post, using the pre-paid envelope provided, online through a secure website, or telephone.

All votes must be received by Civica Election Services by 5pm on Monday 6 September 2021. By Tuesday 14 September 2021 Civica Election Services will send a letter to all residents confirming the result.

The voting pack will ask residents to respond to the ballot with the following question:

“Are you in favour of the proposal for the regeneration of the Love Lane estate as part of the High Road West scheme?”

Residents can vote either YES or NO.

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The Council consulted on the draft Local Lettings Policy between 5 February and 19 March 2021. Thank you to everyone who took part.

The final Local Lettings Policy was agreed by the Council’s Cabinet on 13 July 2021. You can read the Local Lettings Policy at the below link:

The Local Lettings Policy sets out how the new 500 new Council homes at High Road West will be allocated – with about half of the homes going to existing eligible residents on the Love Lane Estate and the other half being made available to other residents in line with the council’s Housing Allocation Policy.

The policy priorities existing Love Lane secure tenants and non-secure tenants placed in temporary accommodation by the Council for the new Council homes. To be eligible, non-secure tenants must have lived on the estate for at least 6 months and have been accepted as homeless by the Council for that time.

The final policy also ensures that any residents whom the Council needs to rehouse temporarily outside of the masterplan area to allow the new Council homes to be built, or because their existing temporary accommodation becomes unsuitable during the intervening period, will remain eligible for a new home in the scheme. These tenants will also have first priority for the homes as soon they are available for let.

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The Council consulted on the draft Love Lane Leaseholder Offer between 5 February and 19 March 2021. Thank you to everyone who took part.

The final Leaseholder Offer was agreed by the Council’s Cabinet on 13 July 2021. You can read the Leaseholder Offer at the below link:

The Leaseholder Offer sets out in more detail the Council’s commitments to leaseholders on the Love Lane Estate who are affected by the High Road West scheme.

It has been developed through engagement and consultation with leaseholders over several years, including workshops in 2017 and 2018. It builds on the High Road West Leaseholder Guide and seeks to address the concerns we have heard from leaseholders on issues such as affordability, choice, and fairness.

The offer includes:

  • Affordable rehousing options for resident leaseholders, including the offer of financial support from the council to buy a new home in High Road West or elsewhere in Haringey;
  • Guarantees on the payments of compensation, including Decent Homes work reimbursements; and a
  • Clear valuation process for your existing home, with the option to appoint a single joint expert if agreement cannot be reached.

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Previous consultations

For information on previous consultations with residents and businesses, please visit the Previous Consultations page.

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