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  • Looking to expand your business already operating in Tottenham?
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The Opportunity Investment Fund (OIF) is a £3.67m programme to enable investment in workspace and employment projects for small businesses in Tottenham. The fund is jointly provided by Haringey Council and the Mayor of London.

The Opportunity Investment Fund has already given a wide range of businesses the chance to showcase their products and services at the next level. Could you be next?

Five Miles

Five Miles (external link) is a brand new bar, club and brewery in Seven Sisters. Five Miles is owned by Mark Hislop, Mark Shaffer, Deano Jo and Luke Smith. The Opportunity Investment Fund has helped them fund the build and equipment. Read more...


LovenBakery, owned by Kate Allison and Fabrizio Interdonato,is the community café in the Engine Room. The café is also a bakery, and in the evening, it transforms into a restaurant. The Opportunity Investment Fund has helped them set up the space in Hale Village.  Read more...


inSpiral Visionary Products

Based in Northumberland Park, inSpiral Visionary Products (external link) is the number one producer of kale crisps in Europe producing a range of premium, healthy snacks that are stocked in 1,000 health food shops including Whole Foods and Planet Organic and sold in many countries worldwide.  The company has an annual turnover of £2.5 million and also manufactures products for a number of big high street brands.

The OIF will enable them to take on more staff and increase their capacity significantly. Read more...

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The detail

Why Tottenham?

Tottenham is an attractive and affordable proposition for both operators and tenants being priced out of workspace locations in Hackney and the City. The urban character and property stock is compatible with space requirements and aspirations that many creative operators are looking for.

Who should apply?

The fund is open to both existing businesses and start-ups.

We are interested in businesses that want to grow, as well as new industry and activity in Haringey that will create high quality employment with good opportunities for career progression.

We want the Opportunity Investment Fund to show off Tottenham’s finest and celebrate businesses, giving them the opportunity to showcase their products and services.

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