Redemption Brewing Co

Redemption Brewing Co.(external link) was set up in 2010 by Andy Moffat and Sam Rigby. They are an an award winning urban craft brewery based in Tottenham.

The OIF has enabled Redemption Brewery to refurbish and expand into a new property in north Tottenham and take on new apprentices and staff in order to meet increased demand for their acclaimed craft beer.

We met with Andy Moffat founder of Redemption Brewing Co to discuss how the OIF has helped them.

Why Tottenham?

We wanted to be in north London and Tottenham’s location is excellent. The communication network is good here and we quite liked the idea of being in an area that is not necessarily connected to cask ale. We could certainly see the potential here and I would rather go somewhere that is going forward – where there’s excitement.

We have really integrated Tottenham into our branding and also recommended moving here to a number of other businesses. We would now only leave here if there was no other option – it would just be a disaster if we had to leave because this feels like our spiritual home.

How have you found working with Haringey Council?

The council has been very supportive and helpful with our fund application and has also helped connect us with other people on the council who are interested in both economic regeneration and economic development.

What we’ve seen from the council is a willingness – not just to regenerate – but an interest in businesses and industrial estates. What’s great is that the council is making things possible for us and businesses like ours.

How did you find the OIF application process?

The application process was very straightforward. Basically, it was identifying the potential outcomes from the fund – what the money would be used for – and it was very easy. Compared to other applications in the past it was very straightforward.

How has the OIF helped you?

Without the fund we wouldn’t have been able to take on the large expansion that we’ve had and so there would have been no need for our extra staff. We now have nine members of staff and have taken on two apprentices. They have done great and one of them has become an office administrator and the other one a brewer. We have also started offering work experience and have worked closely with Haringey Sixth Form College and a local charity called Action for Kids.

Thanks to the funding we have grown the business and it’s doing really well. We are now producing between 20-25,000 pints a week, we’re going into more pubs and producing far more bottles of Redemption than we used which are sold in places like the Co-op. We’re also expanding globally and exporting beers to Sweden, Italy and Denmark. 

Would you recommend the OIF?

I have recommended the OIF fund to a number of businesses. One of them is Pressure Drop Brewery. It’s good to be able to help and pass on advice to other breweries and businesses starting out.

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