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Redemption Brewing Company

Owners: Andy Moffat and Sam Rigby

Established: 2010

Why the name?

“We wanted to stand out a little and Redemption has many good connotations such as the idea of redeeming yourself with good beer!”

Why Tottenham?

“We love being an urban brewery and Tottenham has become an important part of what we’re about. This setting appealed to us – almost at odds with the whole theme of beer being made in a rural idyll somewhere.”

Signature beer:

“Hopspur is our biggest seller and biggest award-winner... although it probably doesn’t sell so well in certain parts of London!”

Fun fact:

Andy and Sam enjoy giving their beers punning names like ‘Hopspur’ (inspired by Tottenham Hotspur FC) and ‘Rock the Kazbek’(inspired by The Clash song, ‘Rock the Casbah’)

Andy: “We are a modern brewery that produces a core range of seven craft ales. We pride ourselves on quality and for us it’s really important to be in Tottenham which has become a crucial part of our brand. The rents are competitive and the transport network around here is good. Our beer is sold in a lot of the pubs in north London and there’s nothing more satisfying than going into a pub and seeing someone enjoying your beer!

I used to work in a bank but it’s so much nicer to have a product that people can actually touch, smell and drink. For a lot of the community the local brewer is a bit like the local football team – people support it and are proud of you. One guy said to me, “You don’t own Redemption...we own Redemption!” which I liked.

We’re expanding and are moving across the road to create a brewery three times as big as this. At the moment we produce about 15,000 pints a week but the new capacity will be roughly 40,000. Our logo is the six-point Brewer’s Star – historically used to symbolise the purity of the beer – and we’ll keep striving for that authenticity and that quality.”

Contact details

Telephone: 020 8885 5227

Website: redemptionbrewing.co.uk

Address: Unit 2, Compass West Estate, West Road, Tottenham, N17 OXL