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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic we have been checking on the estate’s more vulnerable residents to make sure they are getting the support they need. This has covered everything from shopping to health and wellbeing and care support. If you know anyone that may need help on the estate that isn’t currently being supported, please let us know.

Contact Connected Communities on 020 8489 4431 (Open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.30pm).

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Community Matters

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of Haringey’s residents volunteered to support people who may not have family or friends to rely on.

One of the local volunteering projects involved transforming Tottenham Hotspur stadium into a food distribution hub. Free food was delivered for vulnerable Londoners, including residents on the Broadwater Farm Estate.

Visit the Haringey Together webpages (external link) to find out more about the help and support available or to volunteer. 

Mass gatherings

The government and police are currently advising people against participating in mass gatherings. Locally in Haringey there have been several demonstrations which were very peaceful and passed without incident. If you do attend an event, please observe social distancing and take other precautions including wearing facemasks and using hand sanitiser. 

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We are moving

The Broadwater Farm Neighbourhood Office based at 108 Gloucester road is no longer open to residents. This is due to the office being located underneath the Tangmere block which is due to be demolished in the future.

We will keep everyone updated once we know what services will be offered and where you will be able to access those services.

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Employment, training and support

If you live on Broawater Farm and are looking for employment, training or employment support, please contact your employment navigator, Shawn Semper. Shawn will be able to help you navigate all the different routes to work available.

Email him on or call  079732 44125 

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Haringey Adult Learning Service

HALS  is running an online service and all courses are FREE until July 2020. We are running a full programme of all our normal courses, plus a few new ones, to keep your mind active during the lockdown. For all the courses running and how to register visit HALS webpages (external link).

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