Landlord Offer - Our commitments to you

On Friday 11 February 2022 until 7 March 2022, eligible residents of Broadwater farm and those rehoused from Tangmere and Northolt blocks will have the opportunity to vote on proposals to build new homes and improve the estate.

The proposals have been developed in close collaboration with the local community over the last two years and we believe they will make Broadwater Farm a better place to live, work and play in.
We have outlined our proposals and our commitments to you if you vote for this development to go ahead in our Landlord Offer document.

The proposals respond to the feedback you provided and will help the Broadwater Farm Estate to become a healthier, happier and safer estate to live on. 

You – the residents of Broadwater Farm - get the final say on whether these proposals go ahead. Have your say through the ballot, which will be taking place on the estate from Friday 11 February 2022 until Monday 7 March 2022.

The proposals will ONLY happen if residents vote YES in the ballot.

If you are eligible to vote in the ballot, you will soon receive a copy of the Landlord Offer – containing our commitments to you. If you think you should be eligible but haven’t received this, please contact Civica Election Services on 020 8889 9203 or email

We hope you will take time to familiarise yourself with this document and take part in the ballot.

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The proposals at a glance

The proposals will provide:

  • Around 294 brand new, high-quality council homes
  • 100% council homes delivered directly by the council 
  • 30% larger family homes for Broadwater Farm families
  • Priority for new council homes for all eligible Broadwater Farm secure tenants
  • A new, modern health and wellbeing centre with other services to benefit residents’ health
  • Council homes at council rents
  • A new grocery store on your doorstep
  • A safer neighbourhood
  • Jobs and opportunities for local residents
  • Affordable workspaces and community spaces for residents
  • A new park and two new civic spaces
  • Read the Landlord Offer (PDF, 2MB)

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What’s in it for you and your family?

Residents have told us that they wish to see more family homes introduced to the estate so that people have enough bedrooms to meet their needs.

Of the new homes to be built across the Moselle, Tangmere and Northolt sites, an estimated 30-35% (approximately 89 homes) will be three or four-bed family homes. There will be a mix of houses, flats and maisonettes.

As these will be prioritised for Broadwater Farm residents, these new homes will help families on the estate move into homes that are the right size for them.

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How do I vote?

We have appointed Civica Election Services as an independent body to organise and run the ballot. Civica Election Services have been managing ballots for organisations including the NHS, trade unions and other local authorities since 1988.

This will be a confidential ballot and Civica Election Services will never tell the council, or anyone else, how individual residents have voted.

If you would like to speak to Civica Election Services about the ballot, or if you have lost or spoiled your ballot paper, please call 020 8889 9203 or email

Voting packs will be posted first class to all eligible residents and will be received before Friday 11 February 2022.

You can cast your vote as soon as the ballot paper arrives by post, using either the pre-paid envelope provided, online through a secure website, or by telephone. All details on how to cast your vote can be found on your ballot paper.

The vote will open on 11 February 2022 and will remain open for 25 days, closing on 7 March 2022.

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Who is eligible?

The proposals will only go ahead if enough residents vote ‘yes’, so we really encourage you to have your say. To vote in the ballot, you must live in a property on the Broadwater Farm estate or have been rehoused from Tangmere and Northolt, be aged 16 or over, and be one of the following:

  1. A social tenant (including those with secure, assured, flexible or introductory tenancies) named as a tenant on a tenancy agreement dated on or before February 2022.
  2. A resident leaseholder who has been living in their property as their only principal home for at least one year prior to February 2022 and are named on the lease or freehold title for their property.
  3. A resident whose principal home is on the estate and who has been on the Council’s housing register for at least one year prior to February 2022. This includes non-secure tenants in temporary accommodation.

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What questions will be asked?

The voting pack will ask you to respond to the ballot with the following question:

“Do you support the redevelopment proposals within the Broadwater Farm Estate as set out in the Landlord Offer?

You can vote yes or no.

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What happens if residents vote yes?  

If residents vote ‘yes’ in the ballot, we will keep you updated every step of the way on next steps for the estate.  

We will:

  • Continue engaging with residents and supporting you to shape the development proposals, by keeping you up to date and listening to your feedback
  • Continue to update residents on the proposals through the planning application process
  • Work closely with the Broadwater Farm Residents Association and ITLA to ensure residents are kept up to date
  • Speak to residents about the construction process and ensure this minimises disruption
  • Continue to update you through a newsletter and on our website to make sure you are up to date on what is happening
  • Provide dedicated rehousing support to residents of Stapleford North (flats 25-36, 61-72) throughout the moving process and beyond

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The results

Letters will be sent to all residents with the result of the ballot within 10 days of the ballot closing date.

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How to get in touch

Residents can contact the estate’s dedicated  Independent Tenant and Leaseholder Advisor for impartial advice and support on the proposals detailed in the Landlord Offer and the plans for the future. Their contact details are

If you wish to talk to the council’s team or have any questions about the proposals, please email or call Numan Hussain on 07976 070667 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).

If you have any questions relating to the ballot or how to vote, please contact Civica Election Services on 020 8889 9203 or email

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