Our vision for Broadwater Farm

‘We want to shape the future of Broadwater Farm Estate to be a safe welcoming neighbourhood creating a lively place to be, ensuring quality homes that support the wonderful sense of community and create opportunities for residents to play, work and socialise through improved open spaces and facilities’.

Broadwater Farm Estate is changing

In the coming years, Haringey Council and Homes for Haringey will be updating the estate to make it a better and safer place for existing residents to live, work and socialise as a community.

Broadwater's strength lies in its diverse and strong community that shows real ambition to shape a better future for all generations. After consulting with residents in 2018, we decided it was right to demolish Northolt and Tangmere due to structural concerns.

These blocks will be replaced with brand new homes for council tenants. We will also need to carryout improvement works on other blocks on the estate.

Our aim is to create and deliver the most comprehensive and wide-reaching Estate Improvements programme within the estates’ history. We are committed to tackling inequality and building a fairer borough where all residents have access to good opportunities and can thrive.

A key part of this commitment is providing high-quality council owned homes, in safe, active, and welcoming neighbourhoods. We listened to all your feedback so now we want to make the changes together.

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Resident Ballot

Haringey Council are committed to ensuring residents have the say on the future of their estate through a resident ballot. Following engagement with residents, you will get to vote yes or no to the final proposal. We aim to hold a resident ballot in the Autumn of 2021. If residents vote yes, a planning application would be submitting, should that be approved, we aim to start construction on site in 2022. 

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Thank you to those of you who have shared feedback so far

This is an exciting time for the estate and we want to make sure any changes deliver on the wishes and aspirations of local people and build on what is already great about Broadwater Farm. Based on your feedback we have identified five areas of transformation on the estate. We will share all updates and offer opportunities for participation, so all residents are at the heart of decision making and shaping the future of the estate.

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Five areas of transformation

Improved open and green space

Now more than ever we value the green and open spaces around us. We are looking at exploring what people would like to use these spaces for and how we can make more of the open spaces on the estate for everyone

High quality homes

  At the heart of all works is our existing and proposed new council homes. We are committed to improving your homes to ensure they are safe, efficient and meet your needs so that the whole estate feels like home.

Better access and movement

   Our aim is to make the estate more accessible and welcoming. We are exploring improvements to streets and pavements, and better connections through the estate, to make getting around easier for walkers, cyclists, drivers and those jumping on the bus! 

Safe and healthy neighbourhood 

   We want the future of the estate to be safe for all residents and visitors. This includes business owners, community groups and management of the buildings. Safety is key to the health and wellbeing of everyone.

A positive future

   We want to create equal training, employment and education opportunities for all residents and a place where people want to live and work for generations to come.

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Engagement and consultation to date

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Get involved and have your say

Coming up in Summer 2021: We’re eager to present the development of the single scenario informed by your feedback, the design brief and the wider site considerations.

Upcoming events

We will be holding pop-up events throughout the summer! Please come along, find out more and have your say. 
For more information and to book your place for these events call 020 8489 1816 or visit Broadwaterfarmestate.commonplace.is (link is external). 

Summer exhibition launch

Look out for posters in your entrances and exhibition boards up on the estate.

  • By post: You will also receive some information in the post and a full booklet of design information will be available from your concierge.You can feedback using the survey and returning this in the freepost envelope
  • Online: You can visit  Broadwaterfarmestate.commonplace.is (link is external) to view the proposals and complete an online survey 
  • Events: Come along to one of our events

Pop up exhibition with children’s activities! 

  • Saturday 31 July, 12-4pm 
  • The Willow School Car Park, Adams Road 
  • Come see the updated proposals for Broadwater Farm. There will also be lots of activities on offer such as face painting, bouncy castle and arts & crafts!

Pop up exhibitions 
•    Wednesday 4 August, 3-7pm and Thursday 12 August, 3-7pm
•    Outside Debden & Hawkinge, at the end of Willan Road

For more information and to book your place for these events call 020 8489 1816 or visit Broadwaterfarmestate.commonplace.is (link is external). 

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Stapleford North Section 105

Since the Summer of 2020 we have been working with residents to develop design proposals for the replacement homes for the Tangmere and Northolt sites and exploring ideas for wider improvements you would like to see on the estate. 

The Design Team have now used your feedback to develop more detailed design proposals for improvements to the streets, facilities and outdoor spaces around Northolt, Tangmere and across the estate. 

During this design work it has become clear that the location of the Stapleford North properties, numbers 25-36 and 61-72, being directly attached to Northolt block, means that you are likely to face significant disruption through the demolition and the construction of new homes on the Northolt site. The refurbishment works which need to take place to Stapleford block will also result in disruption. 

Considering this level of disruption specifically to Stapleford North residents, the council is consulting with Stapleford North residents on two potential options:

1. Refurbish 
2. Demolish and rehouse. 
We are eager to hear residents views to ensure you have a say in the future of your home. Full details can be found in the pack 

For secure Council tenants living on Broadwater Farm Estate this consultation is a s105 consultation under the Housing Act (1985).

Stapleford North residents can have their say between Monday 26 July 2021 – Sunday 22 August 2021 by:

  • By completing and returning the questionnaire provided in delivered packs using the freepost envelope provided, by 22 August 2021. 
  • By filling in the online survey here (external link)
  • By completing the questionnaire in this pack and handing it to one of the concierge staff on the estate, by 22 August 2021. 
  • By emailing or calling us to arrange a 1-1 meeting where we can answer your questions Numan Hussain on 07976 070 667 numan.hussain@haringey.gov.uk