There is a programme of improvement work being undertaken at Broadwater Farm (BWF). In this section you’ll find out more about what’s happening.

Rehousing residents

Residents of Tangmere and Northolt are being rehoused ahead of the demolition of both blocks. Homes for Haringey are responsible for the following:

  • Negotiating with leaseholders to purchase their flats
  • Providing a dedicated rehousing team to help residents with their rehousing options
  • Providing tenants and leaseholders with access to independent advice and guidance via a company called PPCR; the Independent Tenant and Leaseholder Advisors (ITLA) for Broadwater Farm

As part of the rehousing process and in our drive for continual service improvement, all the residents that have moved out of the Tangmere and Northolt blocks have been visited at their new home. This is to check how they have settled into their new home and find out if any further assistance is needed.

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District heating programme

Piped gas was removed from Broadwater Farm Estate on the 31 October 2018. Since then, Homes for Haringey have been finalising the designs for the upgraded Energy Centre that will permanently supply the heating to all blocks. The following is taking place:

  • All residents are currently being charged a flat rate for their heating and hot water. During 2020, all residents will start paying for metered usage for their heating and hot water
  • The District Heating programme has been onsite since last year and the heating and hot water is currently powered by individual oil boilers (one for each block)
  • During October the system will be switched over to the Energy Centre which will be located at the foot of the Northolt building

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Kitchen and bathroom programme

Alongside the District heating programme, Homes for Haringey will be upgrading residents’ kitchens and bathrooms where they do not meet our standard.

Currently 265 residents are due to receive a new kitchen, bathroom or both. The work will also include electrical rewires and new smoke and heat detection units.

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Housing and estate management standards

Homes for Haringey and the Residents’ Association carried out a joint estate inspection and identified improvements that could be made in the following areas:

  • Quicker completion of communal repairs
  • Better maintenance of hedges and green spaces
  • Improved cleanliness in communal areas

Following the inspection, the communal areas in the blocks have been deep cleaned, outstanding repairs were monitored until they were completed, and drains were jetted.
Litter picking has been increased and Homes for Haringey are also working with their partners to reduce the impact of fly tipping. Although there is still a long way to go, the aim is for continuous improvement.​

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Structural work

Nine of the blocks require structural works to ensure they meet the necessary standards. As part of this work some refurbishments will also be carried out.

This work is in the early stages of design and residents will be consulted as part of this process which is due to start during the summer of 2020.

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