Improving your estate

Haringey Council and Homes for Haringey will work in close collaboration with residents and the wider Broadwater Farm community to create and deliver the most comprehensive and wide-reaching Estate Improvements programme within the estates’ history.


The Estate Improvement programme will deliver:


  • Replacement and new, much needed high quality and modern council homes with a priority for existing residents


  • Structural and internal improvements to existing homes ensuring that all estate residents have access to the best quality council housing.


  • Improved core housing management standards to deliver the best service for residents’ whilst building trust and confidence.


  • Installing a new district heating system, to improve efficiency and ’supply low-carbon energy to the estate, helping to combat climate change and lower energy bills for residents’


  • Initialling a series of community safety and inclusion initiatives with a specific focus on women and girls


  • Exploration of resident led neighbourhood improvements such as improved community facilities; new affordable workspace; improved open space; and recreation areas where people can play, relax and socialise in a welcoming neighbourhood where they feel safe and proud.



Embedded throughout the programme is an ambition to tackle the disparities within our borough by creating a fairer and more equal community. In everything we do, we will be looking to maximise opportunities for local people including new jobs, new skills and training opportunities – ensuring the existing community and future generations can actively participate in and benefit from the investment in their neighbourhood and thrive.