Broadwater Farm – or ‘the Farm’ as it’s commonly known is an 18-hector council owned housing estate situated in north Tottenham.

It’s positioned next to Lordship Recreation ground – one of the largest parks in North London. Running underneath the estate, the Moselle river passes through the centre.

Inspired by Le Corbusier, construction completed in the early 1970’s and comprises of a series of concrete blocks and towers.

In addition to over 1,000 homes the estate includes the Broadwaters Inclusive Learning Community (external link)and the Broadwater Farm Community Centre Gym (external link).

The estate is home to a diverse and strong community, with over 28 languages spoken and there is a friendliness and understanding between the local people that live there.



Structural improvements

A structural review of the estate took place between 2017 and 2018. The review found that a number of the blocks had structural issues. As a result, we have removed gas supplies from all blocks and installed a new communal heating system. 

Following consultation with residents, it was agreed, the two worst affected blocks, Tangmere and Northolt, will be demolished. Residents from both blocks are being supported by rehousing officers to be moved into new homes. The Council has committed to replacing the demolished homes with new high-quality council homes.

We are also installing new kitchens and bathrooms where they do not meet the decent homes standard.

Next steps

We have developed an estate improvement programme and will continue to engage and involve residents. You can find out more information about this improvement programme on these web pages.

We regularly meet with the Resident’s Association and other stakeholders to inform, share ideas and plan for what we will be doing next, to further improve the Broadwater Farm Estate.

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