Brook Street

Brook Street is a small street leading off Tottenham High Road in the Bruce Grove area, next to Brook Street Chapel. The Bruce Grove Stakeholder Group identified it as a street that needed improving for a number of reasons:

  • The playground is underused and not well connected to family housing or other parks
  • There is an unmarked consecrated burial ground hidden under flowerbeds
  • The area suffers from anti-social behaviour

As part of the improvements a raised flowerbed will be removed and replaced with a York stone memorial to mark the consecrated burial ground beneath it. The memorial will celebrate the lives of 53 local people of all ages who are buried there, some coming from families that lived in the cottages that once lined Brook Street. The Brook Street burial ground allowed a decent burial for those in poverty.

A fence will be replaced, new plants planted and the playground will be replaced with trees to make the area greener. There are planned improvements to local parks in the pipeline which will provide better quality play space for children in a more suitable environment.

The improvements to Brook Street will create an attractive and safe space for the local community to use. The project will be completed in 2016.

Albert Place

Albert Place alleyway has seen a striking yellow spruce-up with painted walls, and new paving, lampposts, lighting and signage. The project was championed by the Bruce Grove Stakeholder Group, made up of local people and businesses and was completed in May 2015. 

Advertising policy

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