For the next six weeks Bruce Grove station will be lit up by a dynamic coloured LED lighting display.

Passers-by will be treated every evening to an interactive light installation that cleverly responds to the trains as they go past. The lights will move dynamically and horizontally along the side of the building following the sound and speed of the passing trains. The installation uses real-time live data from Network Rail and an application specially designed for the project.

The Bruce Grove light installation will be in place from Friday 8 February between, 7 days per week for 6 weeks, from 5pm until the last train. This project is being delivered in partnership with Arriva Rail London and Network Rail.

The station lighting project is just one of many planned activities designed to support Haringey Council’s Bruce Grove High Road Strategy (internal link) for improving the High Road by building a strong local economy, creating good quality jobs and a sustainable mix of retail, civic and leisure uses during the day and evening.

Other projects that have positively impacted the area include the transformation of Holcombe Road Market, the revamped shop fronts along the High Road and improved alleyways in Bruce Grove. 

More recently the area has seen the opening of Roller Nation, a custom built roller skating venue and the launch of a project to renovate and create a new use for the Bruce Grove Toilets (Public Conveniences).