In this section you will find answers to questions relating to the High Road West scheme, including the vision, what it will deliver and our development partnership with Lendlease.

What is High Road West (HRW)?

High Road West (HRW) is the project name for the proposed redevelopment of the area from Brereton Road in the south to the site of the B&M Home store in the north.

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What is the vision for HRW?

The vision for HRW is to create a vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood and a new leisure destination for London.

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What will HRW deliver?

The High Road West scheme will deliver the following for local residents and businesses:

  • Over 2,500 high-quality, sustainable homes
  • At least 750 affordable homes (a net increase of 539), which will meet the council’s housing strategy on affordability, ensuring that the homes will be affordable for local people
  • At least 191 high quality, safe, replacement homes for council tenants and resident leaseholders which meet resident aspirations as set out in the Resident Charter and will be built to new fire and safety standards
  • Over £10m of funding for social and economic support for both businesses and residents
  • A cutting edge new Library and Learning Centre and a refurbished Grange Community Hub which will provide improved community facilities early in the scheme
  • A large new community park
  • A welcoming new civic square which will be an important focus for local events and activities, bringing the community together and promoting cultural activities
  • New commercial, retail and leisure space providing a wide range of leisure, employment space, shops, cafes and restaurants around a new civic square
  • Over 3,300 construction jobs and more than 500 other jobs once the development is complete
  • High quality new industrial and maker/artisan space to support some businesses from the existing Peacock Industrial Estate

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Working in partnership with Lendlease

Following a fair and open procurement process, Lendlease was selected as the preferred development partner for the HRW scheme in 2017 and is now working with the Council and the local community to take the plans forward.

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Why has the council entered into a Development Agreement with Lendlease rather than develop the land on its own?

A business case was developed and presented to our Cabinet in December 2015.  This was supported by work undertaken by the council’s commercial advisors and legal advisors to decide how best to deliver the High Road West scheme. The business case identified and robustly assessed three alternative options for achieving the council’s objectives for the scheme.
The business case concluded that a contractual development agreement was the best option for achieving our objectives for High Road West. This is because this option would:

  • Minimise council resources and costs through working with a single well-financed lead partner with the capacity, resources and necessary funding to deliver this complex development in a timely manner
  • Maintain controls over key issues such as meeting assurances to affected residents/businesses, master-planning and design quality, the specifications of the community facilities, replacement homes and Library and Learning Centre and some control over the timing and delivery of the entire scheme, whilst also minimising financial and delivery risk exposure to the council
  • Provide a well understood delivery structure which would attract the most amount of bidder interest and confidence of the council, funders and stakeholders
  • Allow an efficient and certain master-planning process, as bidders would need to commit to a scheme through the procurement process

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What control/influence does the council have within the development agreement?

The High Road West Steering Group made up of council officers and representatives of the developer will oversee the implementation of the scheme including rehousing residents into a home which best suits their needs, creating employment opportunities and overall management of the estate.

The Steering Group will have equal representation from both the council and Lendlease and will made up of three members from each organisation. Each organisation will have one collective vote with the chair alternated between the two partners.

As well as sitting on the Steering Group and having a 50% say in its decisions, a number of decisions are reserved exclusively for the council. These include approval of the planning application before it is submitted to the Local Planning Authority, approval of the Resident Rehousing Strategy, approval of changes to the specification for the Energy Centre Shell, the Library and Learning Centre and the Replacement Homes from the specifications.  Jointly agreed strategies include the Stakeholder and Resident Engagement Strategy, the Socio-economic and Skills Strategy and the Design Code amongst others.

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Will the public spaces remain in public ownership?

We will retain the freehold of the High Road West site, providing a 250-year lease to Lendlease.
Access and rights of people living on the estate will be protected through the Development Agreement and an inclusive, transparent single estate management company will be responsible for the management and maintenance of a high quality, affordable environment.

The management company will include representatives from each tenure and business area and will seek to train and support residents, businesses and community partners so that once ready, they will be able to run the management and maintenance of the area, fostering long-term civic pride and community ownership.

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Community facilities and benefits

A new library and learning centre and a refurbished Grange Community Hub will provide improved community facilities to be delivered at an early stage in the scheme.

Green space for community use will be provided, including a large new community park with an outdoor gym and children’s play area.  This is part of a wider objective to promote healthy towns and streets and will include sensory spaces – agreed in line with aspirations of Love Lane residents – that also help people with visual impairments.

A welcoming new civic square which will be an important focus for local events and activities, such as markets and outdoor performances, bringing the community together, promoting cultural activities and enhancing the night-time economy.

Events and sports such as a £500k cultural programme to help promote sporting activity to children and young people to help tackle rising obesity.

The scheme will also deliver a new nursery, media and arts centre and a new community theatre.

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