Equality Impact Assessments (EQIAs)

We have undertaken an Equality Impact Assessment to understand the impact of the recommendations within the Cabinet report on the community. The EQIA sets if and how the protected characteristics could be impacted by the High Road West scheme and the mitigation measures to address this.  This will be available online.

The scheme is aimed at being inclusive for all and offering real opportunities for people of all backgrounds.

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What is a Local Lettings Policy?

The council must offer homes in order of priority which is set out in its “Housing Allocation Policy” unless it has made a Local Lettings Policy, which would set out local rules on who gets available homes in that area. The council is considering a Local Lettings Policy for any the new homes built on Love Lane or High Road West. Haringey Council will consult with you if a Local Lettings Policy is proposed.

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What is a “Pre-Localism” household (see questions on temporary accommodation)?

The Localism Act came into force on 9 November 2012 and if your Homelessness Application was made before this date then you will be a ‘Pre-Localism Household’. If your application was made on or after this date you are a ‘Post-Localism Household’.

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What is the Localism Act and what does it mean?

The Localism Act is important as before it came into force on 9 November 2012, homeless households could only be offered a permanent home which was owned and managed by the Council or a Housing Association. Given the shortage of homes, this meant many households were waiting over 10 years. The Localism Act allowed councils to also offer private sector tenancies as settled housing, which meant households could be offered a new home more quickly. These homes must be affordable, appropriate to the household’s needs and have a tenancy that lasts at least a year.

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What is the Estate Renewal Rehousing and Payments Policy?

The Policy sets out the rehousing and payments framework for all residents who are required to move because their homes are being demolished as part of an estate renewal scheme led by Haringey Council. It also applies to Housing Association schemes where Haringey Council determines that it has a strategic interest in the scheme.

The policy covers important issues including:

  • The payments made to existing residents
  • A guarantee that secure and assured tenants, and resident leaseholders and freeholders will have a right to a new home in the renewal area either through a direct move or, if they are required to move away temporarily, a right to return when new properties are available
    • This excludes secure council tenants who have already chosen to move to new homes and now no longer live on the Love Lane Estate

Full information can be found on the dedicated Estate Renewal Rehousing and Payments Policy webpage (external link)

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