In this section you will find answers to employment and business related questions about the High Road West scheme.


  • Employment opportunities

Over 3,300 construction jobs and more than 500 permanent jobs will have been created once the development is complete. As well as supporting local people into these new jobs, Lendlease will also be delivering a wide reaching package of support and training opportunities for local people.

This range of jobs and training is spread across a wide range of different skills levels in order to support people from all parts of the community and aims to meet targets to employ local people and help them reach their potential, in the new scheme or to access more suitable jobs elsewhere.

Lendlease has a job brokerage organisation who have an impressive record of working with, and finding work for local people around a scheme, including long term unemployed, women and people who face specific obstacles stopping them from working.

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Is there commercial and retail space in the new scheme?

The scheme will deliver over 130,000sqft of commercial, retail and leisure space providing a wide range of employment space, shops, cafes and restaurants around a new civic square.
There will also be high quality new industrial and maker’s space to support businesses from the existing Industrial Estates.

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What support will businesses be given?

Providing the 130,000sqft of commercial space referred to above, offers significant opportunities to retain and relocate existing businesses within the scheme.

The council and Lendlease are engaging with affected businesses to gain an understanding of their relocation requirements and work with them on the design proposals for the scheme.  In addition to this, the council is working with businesses to provide support and training in relation to areas such as business planning, marketing, product displays, use of IT, understanding of regulations and statutory requirements and enhancement of shopfronts.  We are interested in hearing from businesses to see if there are other areas which we might be able to assist with.

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Why are you seeking to relocate viable businesses?

The High Road West area spans around 11 hectares and includes the Peacock and Carberry Industrial Estate. It is only by seeking to relocate the businesses in these areas that we will be able to deliver the comprehensive regeneration that has been agreed with the community including the thousands of new homes and new jobs which are essential to meet the needs of the residents and businesses in the borough.

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Are you able to offer alternative premises for my business?

Once the initial consultation process is complete, and we understand every owner/occupier’s requirements, there may be an option to relocate locally or within the borough.

Regardless of the location we will support the search for suitable alternate premises.

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Can I buy a new premises (freehold) in the new scheme?

There will be no commercial freehold premises available in the new scheme, the businesses that return will do so on a leasehold basis. There are many benefits to being a leaseholder business that are worth considering.

If you are within a larger development such as the HRW scheme, then the management of the commercial premises will likely be done by the landlord and will include things like repairs and maintenance of the buildings, security, and insurance that all leaseholders are paying their way towards the communal benefits.

Being a leaseholder also gives you more flexibility and control with your finances and your space due to reduced upfront costs, fixed rates on rent and there being many more leaseholds on the market meaning you have more chance of finding the ideal property for your evolving business.

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What are you doing to improve the area for businesses in the short-term?

Haringey Council and Lendlease have been delivering improvements to businesses through a comprehensive business revival programme with our specialist partner Retail Revival. It includes improving physical premises and supporting business practices such as visual display, marketing and food hygiene training.

Fourteen historic properties in North Tottenham have been restored in the first phase of Haringey Council’s £2.3m Townscape Heritage Initiative project, supported by Heritage Lottery Fund.

As well as new shopfronts in a traditional style, improvements have included paint removal, reinstating timber sash windows and lighting, as well as getting rid of satellite dishes and estate agent signs. Ten more properties along the High Road will be restored from spring 2019.

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