supporting high road west businesses

What the new scheme means for you

We are committed to supporting businesses in and around High Road West. Lendlease has been appointed as the development partner for the High Road West scheme and the Development Agreement was signed on 20 December 2017.

In December 2014, we created a High Road West Business Charter that outlined four commitments to businesses affected by the scheme:

  1. Ensure you are able to participate in the regeneration of the area and fully support you throughout the process
  2. Make sure your business is successful during the planning period and the subsequent regeneration and enable individual traders to exercise real choice regarding their current and future options
  3. A fair valuation and compensation process (for those businesses that are required to relocate)
  4. Aim to keep the businesses and jobs within the area, or within the borough

Some businesses will need to be relocated in order to deliver the scheme and bring forward new homes, retail, workspace and public space. 

Haringey Council's commitment to businesses

The council is committed to support businesses and has set out its assurances within a Business Charter.

Next steps

We will help support local businesses and deliver on the commitments laid out in the High Road West Business Charter. The Charter was a core document that all developers had to respond to in their plans. Lendlease recognises the importance of your business to the community.

The design of the new commercial space as well as the phasing of demolition aims to cause the least disruption to existing businesses.

As a next step the council and Lendlease will engage affected businesses to understand their individual requirements and work with them on the design proposals for the scheme. This will include one to one meetings with each business.

Lendlease will also start their High Road Revitalisation Programme, which will ensure businesses on the High Road benefit from specialist advice to improve their operations.

This includes:

  • Help with business support and grants to improve shop fronts, layouts and merchandising
  • A high street design guide to set out the principles of retail regeneration
  • Help to improve the online presence of businesses so they appeal to a wider market visibility, a less local source of sales, and draw in visitors from outside the area
  • Help businesses to understand essential marketing tools

High Road West Business News

Keeping businesses up-to-date with the latest news on regeneration plans and opportunities.