Our guarantees to residents

The Council has made long-standing commitments to secure tenants, non-secure tenants living in temporary accommodation, resident leaseholders, and private tenants regarding their housing options.

The Landlord Offer sets out the Council's guarantees to residents. You can read a summary below:

All secure council tenants on the Love Lane Estate will:

  • Be offered a new, high quality, modern council-owned home in the redevelopment area that meets their needs
  • Continue to pay council rent at a similar level to what they pay now
  • Continue to have a long-term tenancy
  • Have a dedicated re-housing officer to support them through the whole moving process
  • Receive 'Home Loss' compensation, with all reasonable moving costs paid

All resident leaseholders will:

  • Receive the full market value for their home, with an additional 10% as compensation
  • Have the opportunity to purchase a new home in the redevelopment area, with the council offering to pay a contribution through an enhanced equity loan
  • Have all reasonable legal and moving costs paid

Eligible non-secure tenants in temporary accommodation will: *

  • Be offered a new, high quality, modern council-owned home in the redevelopment area that meets their needs
  • Be offered a secure tenancy at council rent
  • Have a dedicated re-housing officer to support them through the whole moving process

 * For non-secure tenants to be eligible, they will need to have both lived on the Love Lane Estate and have been accepted as homeless by the council for at least 6 months.

All private tenants will:

  • Receive timely, one-to-one advice on their re-housing needs and options

If you have any questions please contact the dedicated engagement officer, Lauren Schneider on lauren.schnieder@haringey.gov.uk or call 07816 151961.

For full details on the Council’s existing commitments please download the relevant guide, see the bottom of this page.

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    Home moves

    All tenants on the Love Lane Estate will eventually need to move for High Road West to go ahead. Tenants do not have to move until their block is required for demolition. Most tenants will be able to move straight to a new home built in High Road West. We aim to keep temporary moves to a minimum.

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    What happens if I want to move now?

    All Love Lane secure tenants who want to be re-housed need to complete a housing needs assessment with their Re-housing Officer. The assessment is compulsory and will be used to determine what your rehousing needs are.

    Once your needs assessment is completed you will be placed in Housing needs Band A.
    A letter will be sent to you with your housing reference number, your personal identification number and the size of the property that you are entitled to.

    You will be able to bid on Haringey Council Choice based lettings scheme Home Connections for properties of your choice.

    If you are a non-secure tenant in temporary accommodation, you will maintain your existing priority on the housing register when bidding for homes elsewhere in the borough.

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    Contact us

    Face-to-face rehousing surgeries are currently paused. You can however contact a member of the Re-housing Team at any time if you want to discuss housing issues and rehousing options.

    Re-housing Officers can show you how the bidding process works and show you how to use the Home Connections website.

    If English is not your first language then they can arrange for an interpreter to support.

    The re housing team will be able to contact other services on your behalf such has Homes for Haringey Repairs Service, Housing Assessments team, Tenancy Management Team.

    Please see below contact details for your Re-housing officer:

    Fatima Kirsarkye
    Email: Fatima.Kirsarkye@haringey.gov.uk

    Tel: 020 8489 2499

    For leaseholders:

    David Clark
    Email: david.clark2@haringey.gov.uk
    Tel: 020 8489 2880
    Mobile: 077 7268 2772​

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    Initial Demolition Notice

    Haringey Council served an Initial Demolition Notice on the council’s secure tenants of the properties in the Love Lane Estate, on 9 February 2015. This affects secure council tenant’s Right to Buy. The details are set out in the notice attached below.

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