Haringey Council's promise to residents

All secure council tenants on the Love Lane Estate will:

  • Be offered a new, high quality, modern home in the redevelopment area that meets their needs
  • Continue to pay social rent, not new affordable rents
  • Continue to have a long-term tenancy
  • Have a dedicated re-housing officer to support them through the whole moving process
  • Receive home loss compensation, with all reasonable moving costs paid

All resident leaseholders will:

  • Receive the full market value for their home, with an additional 10% as compensation
  • Be offered the opportunity to purchase a new home in the redevelopment area, with all reasonable legal and moving costs paid

All private tenants will:

  • Receive timely, one-to-one advice on their re-housing needs and options

For full details please download the relevant guide:


All tenants on the Love Lane Estate will eventually need to move to allow the regeneration plans to happen. Tenants do not have to move until a new home is built for them within the High Road West area.

New homes

The new homes will be built in stages. This means that we cannot move all tenants at the same time. The Love Lane Estate has been split into two re-housing phases;

Phase 1: Ermine House, 2–32 Whitehall Street, 3–89 Whitehall Street, Kathleen Ferrier Court, 4–18 Brereton Road, 2–28 Orchard Place
Phase 2: Charles House, Moselle House and 3–39 White Hart Lane

What happens if I want to move now?

All Love Lane tenants who want to be re-housed need to complete a housing needs assessment with their Re-housing Officer. The assessment is compulsory and will be used to determine what your rehousing needs are.

Once your needs assessment is completed you will be placed in Housing needs Band A.
A letter will be sent to you with your housing reference number, your personal identification number and the size of the property that you are entitled to.

You will be able to bid on Haringey Council Choice based lettings scheme Home Connections for properties of your choice.

Post move feedback

Post Move questionnaires and interviews have been undertaken with residents who have moved to new homes, which predominantly indicate positive stories of improved home, employment and social life.  Some stories of residents are included below.

Tenant A, formally of Ermine House, was satisfied and very pleased with the service delivery throughout his re-housing experience.  He is delighted with his new home and this was reflected by his comments at the post move visit.  He felt fully engaged and supported.  With help from the Re-housing Officers his housing and council tax benefit was assessed shortly after his move, preventing any rent arrears letters.

Tenant B was re-housed from Ermine House into a flat on a small estate in Finsbury Park. He was apprehensive to engage in the regeneration programme, but after extensive work with the tenant, he became receptive to the idea of moving away from Love Lane estate and eventually secured a first floor flat on a small estate.  During the post move visit, Tenant B commended the re-housing team and support services on their efforts in making his move run more smoothly.

Re-housing surgeries

Re-housing Surgeries are open to Love Lane tenants to discuss housing issues and your re-housing choices, every Tuesday between 10am-12 noon and every other Wednesday from 6pm-8pm at The Grange, 32 White Hart Lane, N17 8DP. Re-housing Officers can show you how the bidding process works and show you how to use the Home Connections website.

If English is not your first language an interpreter is in attendance.

The re housing team will be able to contact other services on your behalf such has Homes for Haringey Repairs Service, Housing Assessments team , Tenancy Management Team.

Contact us

Please see below contact details for your Re-housing officers.

For secure tenants:

Sheila Miranda
Email: Sheila.miranda@haringey.gov.uk
Tel: 020 8489 5298
Mobile: 078 9055 6506

Sarah William

Email: Sarah.William@homesforharingey.org 

Tel: 020 8489 4768

For leaseholders:

David Clark
Email: david.clark2@haringey.gov.uk
Tel: 020 8489 2880
Mobile: 077 7268 2772

Initial Demolition Notice

Haringey Council served an Initial Demolition Notice on the council’s secure tenants of the properties in the Love Lane Estate, on 9 February 2015 . This affects secure council tenant’s Right to Buy. The details are set out in the notice attached below.

This notice does not mean that we will be demolishing properties on the Love Lane Estate immediately. 

Once construction has commenced the regeneration scheme is likely to take between 10 and 15 years to complete.  Therefore, there is significant time to work with you to develop a plan which best accommodates your housing needs.

Advertising policy

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