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About this consultation

Haringey Council were seeking the views of Love Lane Estate leaseholders on the draft Love Lane Leaseholder offer. The consultation ran from15 January 2018 to 9 February 2018.

The draft Love Lane Leaseholder offer has been developed following two months of engagement with leaseholders on the Love Lane Estate, which included holding three workshops from November 2017 through to January 2018. The Leaseholder Offer sets out the Council’s enhanced commitments, developed through the feedback received, to leaseholders on the Love Lane Estate. These commitments cover:

  • How we will acquire your property
  • The payments and compensation you will receive
  • The rehousing options for resident leaseholders- including how they can acquire a new home with the High Road West development

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S105 Housing Ownership Consultation - 2017

About this consultation

When the High Road West regeneration scheme goes ahead it will mean all properties on the Love Lane estate will need to be demolished and new high quality replacement homes will be built.

Haringey Council undertook a six week public consultation of Love Lane residents about the future housing in High Road West. The consultation ran from 27 March to 5 May 2017.

Tenants and leaseholders were sent an information pack and a feedback consultation form that could be retruned by post or online. Drop-in sessions were held on 4 and 20 April at the Grange and re-housing officers also arranged home visits.

For secure council tenants we carried out a Section 105 (Housing Act 1985) consultation on the ownership and management of the replacement social rented housing in the High Road West regeneration scheme.

For resident leaseholders we consulted on the ownership and management of the new shared equity housing in the High Road West regeneration scheme

The properties included in this consultation were: Charles House, Ermine House, Moselle House, 2-32 Whitehall Street, 3-89 Whitehall Street, 4-18 Brereton Road, 2-28 Orchard Place, 9-39 White Hart Lane and Kathleen Ferrier Court.

Post consultation feedback

Secure Council tenants were consulted on who should buy and own the 145 replacement social rented homes on the High Road West redevelopment. Tenants stated that they would prefer Haringey Council to own and manage the replacement housing because:

  • Tenants have trust in the council: to respond to issues, to keep things the same and to be accountable
  • Tenants know where to go to ask for help from the council
  • Tenants believe the council will keep costs low: by minimising rent and service charge increases

Resident leaseholders were consulted on should own and manage the replacement shared equity housing to be built in the new High Road West redevelopment. Resident Leaseholders also expressed a clear preference for Haringey Council to own the replacement homes but were interested in whether a Housing Association would have a better offer for them.

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High Road West Masterplan - 2013

The High Road West Masterplan is the result of Haringey Council, planning and design experts Arup (external link) and local residents and businesses working together to develop a plan for change in the High Road West area.

Between April and June 2013, an eight week consultation took place on the emerging regeneration proposals.  During the consultation we asked you what new facilities, housing and jobs and businesses you wanted to see and what you thought of the three master plan options that show different levels of change in the area.

Further community consultation was undertaken for eight weeks from September 2014 on the final version of the masterplan for High Road West and improvements to White Hart Lane Station.


2013 Consultation feedback

We received 435 feedback forms, including 207 from Love Lane residents, 70 from local businesses and 158 from residents in the wider community as a result of the April/June 2013 consultation. The council also received 10 written responses from organisations. 

Residents told us:

  • Prefer Option 3 of the master plan proposals, which proposed the most amount of new homes, jobs and new facilities
  • 67% support a new entrance to White Hart Lane Station and a new station square
  • 289 people want a library, learning and education centre and a community park
  • 81% want more jobs for local people and residents want to see new businesses such as start-up space for businesses and a better mix of shops
  • 71% want more homes and a better mix and quality of homes, including homes with gardens

A detailed report of the consultation feedback (PDF, 2MB)

A summary of the consultation feedback (PDF, 1MB)


2014 Consultation feedback

Between 13 September 2014 and 25 October 2014, we asked for your opinions on key themes within the Masterplan, including overall design, housing, businesses, open spaces, community benefits, transport, and the proposed idea for redeveloping White Hart Lane Station.

292 feedback forms were returned; including 130 from Love Lane residents, 38 from local businesses, 104 from residents in the wider community and 35 feedback forms from individuals who wished not to leave any details.

The community told us:

  • 70% of Love Lane residents agree that the Love Lane Estate should be demolished and homes replaced
  •  81% of respondents agree with the principle – ‘All new homes should have access to private open space such as balconies, gardens and shared courtyards’
  • 79% of respondents agree with the principle – ‘There should be a community hub (with library, learning, community and business space) and this should be built on the High Road and in the new public square, Moselle Square, so it is accessible for all’
  • 91% of respondents agree with the principle – ‘The High Road should remain the main shopping area and should have improved shop frontages and public spaces’
  • 76% of respondents agree with the principle – ‘A better and more accessible station should be provided which enhances its historic character’

Read the complete High Road West Consultation Feedback Report 2014 (PDF, 2,1MB)

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