The Selby Centre, a large community hub, is housed in a former secondary school in north Tottenham, on the border with Enfield is managed by the Selby Trust. The centre is home to over 100 diverse social action organisations delivery significant social impact to communities across the borough. 

Memorandum of Understanding

In March 2019 Haringey Council and the Selby Trust signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU sets out joint aspirations and agreed ways of working between the partners to ensure the successful re-provision and development of the Selby site.

What are the plans for the Selby Centre?

First and foremost the Selby Centre will continue to be the Selby Centre.

Our community buildings and facilities play an important role in providing voluntary and community services in Haringey. They are a hub for services that benefit local people, particularly some of our most vulnerable residents, and contribute to a stronger society. Community buildings provide spaces for voluntary and community groups where they can deliver a range of activities and where residents can access support, services and information.

However, both the council and the Selby Trust recognise the site the centre sits on could be better used and that the existing building is not fit for purpose.

Haringey Council and the Selby Trust are committed to the collaborative redevelopment of the site to ensure this best serves the local community by exploring plans for:

  • A new Selby Centre building
  • New council housing
  • Space for businesses to thrive
  • Community facilities and leisure space for local people to enjoy

Early discussions are also considering the inclusion of Bull Lane (Playing field) as part of the re-development which potentially include a state-of-the-art football facilities  – enabling local people to participate and enjoy recreational and sports activities.

Next steps

The team are looking to appoint an organisation to lead on community consultation and engagement and the first phase of the Masterplanning Process. An Invitation to Tender (ITT) has been issued to the GLA’s framework.

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