The story so far

Resident Aspirations

We’ve been speaking and listening to residents about what could happen in Northumberland Park since 2013 and you have been consistently clear that improvements to the estate are your priority.

Physical improvements such as new homes and better facilities including open space, health and child care provisions as well as more and better opportunities such as new jobs, and training. But also, improved safety and a reduction in crime continue to be your top concern.

Based directly on residents feedback, we developed a set of Key Principles for Change, that will help to shape any future plans of Northumberland Park. They cover five themes – the place, homes, open space, community and connectivity.

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Key Principles for Change

We consulted on the Key principles for change (PDF, 3MB) in autumn 2014 via door knocking, drop-in sessions and exhibitions and received over completed 160 questionnaires.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, residents said that they want and welcome change in the area. Of the people who responded:

The Place

  • 91%  agree with the principle – ‘Family housing should be in the heart of the area near to schools, improved health facilities and open space’
  • 85% agree with the principle – ‘Delivering wide-ranging regeneration would help us to create safe, modern and high-quality places, with more opportunities to bring forward the benefits local people want to see’


  • 87%  agree with the principle – ‘Existing good quality housing in Northumberland Park should be retained where appropriate’
  • 87% agree with the principle – ‘Regeneration should deliver high quality new housing for local people and maximize opportunities for the local community’

Open Space

  • 83% agree with the principle – ‘In future, Northumberland Park should have better public open spaces with a range of facilities for everyone to use’
  • 82% agree with the principle – ‘There should be new play areas for children and young people of all ages’


  • 88% agree with the principle – ‘There should be more community, leisure and cultural facilities for all, from young children to older people’
  • 83% agree with the principle – ‘Future plans should include more new, high-quality education facilities in the heart of Northumberland Park’


  • 88% agree with the principle – ‘Northumberland Park should be made up of safe and pleasant streets with overlooked and well-lit footpaths’
  • 85%  agree with the principle – ‘Cycling and walking should be encouraged with safe, new routes

Download the full responses to the Key Principles for Change (PDF, 3MB).

Strategic Masterplan Framework

The results of the Key Principles for Change consultation were used to develop a Strategic Masterplan Framework (PDF, 1.2MB). This Framework sets out the regeneration opportunity for Northumberland Park and its residents. The Strategic Masterplan Framework provides information on:

  • What a new open space in Northumberland Park could look like
  • Vision for the area
  • Potential regeneration strategies
  • Community involvement
  • Existing and future land uses
  • Community infrastructure requirements
  • Key Principles for Change
  • The number of new homes and jobs that could be created

The Strategic Masterplan Framework sets out why we believe some kind of physical change, including potentially redeveloping parts of the local housing estates, will benefit existing and new communities in Northumberland Park.

It gives an indication of the type of change that could happen in Northumberland Park over the next 10-15 years, including the potential number of new homes that could be created and the amount of space that would be required for new schools, health facilities, shops, places of work and open space.

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