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During summer 2019, your Northumberland Park team were out and about in the area, holding themed outreach engagement events. We listened to residents’ concerns, you told us your priorities and we updated you on projects underway.

We also asked residents how you would like to improve your area and about other issues important to you.

What you’ve told us

Over the five-outreach events, more than 200 of you shared your views and opinions with the team. Your top priorities are summarised below. Using this as the starting point, we will work in partnership
with residents to identify projects that will have a positive impact in your area.

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Crime and Anti-social Behaviour

  • Crime is an issue across Northumberland Park, including drug dealing / taking and prostitution
  • You would like to see more police in the area, especially at night
  • You would like more CCTV across Northumberland Park, especially between housing
  • You are concerned about the gangs operating in the area/young people feel unsafe

What’s next?

Come and talk to us about what we are doing to address these issues, including rolling out the estate watch programme estate wide.

When: 22 January 2020 – 5pm - 8pm
What: Pop-up; Crime/ASB & Community Safety. NTE team outreach with colleagues from the Councils’ Community Safety team & Homes for Haringey ASB team and we will be inviting The Met Police.
Where: Stellar House community room

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You raised several issues with ongoing repairs and would like to be updated on the Programme of works for your buildings

  • You would like to be updated on fire safety issues, especially in the Tower blocks
  • Overcrowding is a big issue for a number of families across Northumberland Park
  • Lighting in communal areas and entrances & cleanliness in blocks is an issue

What’s next?

Come and talk to us about what we are doing to address these issues and find out how to report a repair through the Homes for Haringey app.

When: 25 February 2020 – 5pm - 8pm
What: Pop-up; Housing & debt advice surgery. NTE team outreach with colleagues from Homes for Haringey & Income Support teams.
Where: Neighbourhood Resource Centre

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Open Space, Leisure & Environment

You would like opportunities for community garden and planting projects across the area

  • The Lee Valley Regional Park is “hidden” and you would like improved connections to it
  • Improve lighting and access to open spaces which are closed off from residents
  • You would like improved recycling areas and rubbish collections, and fly tipping is an issue

What’s next?

Come and talk to us about what we are doing to address these issues and give us your suggestions for community growing projects.

When: 22nd April (provisional) – 4pm-7pm
What: Pop-up; Environment and Open Spaces outreach. NTE team outreach with colleagues from Veolia and partners from our Open Spaces groups.
Where: Stellar House

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Community, Children and Young People

You told us more interventions are needed for children and young people such as youth provision and stay and play, and improvements to play spaces.

  • You suggested shadowing opportunities for young people over the summer
  • You would like to see more youth centres and community spaces for older people
  • You would like better advertising of what’s on – for example on notice boards

Current Provisions for Young People

Haringey Youth Space

Youth Space is for young people in Haringey who are aged between 11 and 19 (up to 25 years old where there is a specific additional need or disability). They make use of a wide range of informal learning opportunities to enable young people to feel safe, to develop as individuals and to participate, and contribute, as valued members of our community.
website: (external link)

Project 2020

The Project 2020 ‘Off Road’ hub in  Northumberland Park offers activities for young people three evenings a week, and during the half term holiday.

These activities include homework club on a Wednesday, music project on a Thursday and open access on Friday.
website: (external link)

Haringey Community Gold

The programme is made up of detached outreach youth Work and community programmes aimed at providing diversionary activity for young people in the borough. The services range from sports, training  and employment, future leaders programme, mental health support and a BAME careers

Website: (external link)

What next?

Your Northumberland Park team will be dropping into schools and making regular visits to Project 2020 and the Bruce Grove Youth Space to listen to the ideas of young people and work with them to address the issues raised.

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Traffic and Parking

  • Parking is an issue across the area, and particularly on Spurs event days
  • More cycle parking is needed
  • Less rat runs through Northumberland Park

Tottenham Hotspur event-day parking

During the summer local Residents Associations organised two meetings where both Homes for Haringey and Haringey Council officers attended to listen to the concerns about Spurs eventday parking and devise an action plan. A further meeting was held on 4 November 2019 and
future meetings are planned. Haringey Council recently consulted on extending the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in Tottenham East and the next steps will be to conduct surveys to better understand your parking needs.

What next?

Come and talk to us about what we are doing to address these issues and next steps. 

When: 1st July 2020 (provisional) – 4pm - 7pm
What: Pop-up; Active Travel, health and wellbeing outreach. Find out how to reduce your car use and walk and cycle more.
Where: Lindales Shelter scheme

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