Community priorities

Haringey Council and Homes for Haringey have been working with you, the local residents and businesses in Northumberland Park, since summer 2014 to develop ideas for improving and regenerating Northumberland Park.

This is part of our 20-year plan for Tottenham – which sets out the vision that by the age of 20, a child born in Tottenham today will have the same level of opportunity as the best in London. Our strategy and vision were informed by issues you told us were important to you during the 2013/14 Tottenham’s Future consultation.

You told us you wanted higher-quality homes, a better choice of affordable housing, improved public transport, more leisure and cultural activities and better open spaces.

A new way to bring better housing

As part of this work – and our aim to bring better housing to the whole borough – Haringey Council has explored innovative new ways to manage long- term regeneration that will get the best for residents.
In November 2015, we announced our plan to set up development partnership, known as the
Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV) as the most effective way to deliver the modern high-quality homes residents deserve.

The Council included Northumberland Park as an area that could potentially be redeveloped in future through the new HDV. The new partnership will help us realise the wishes and ambitions expressed by local residents in favour of improvement, change and regeneration in Northumberland Park.

Where are we now?

Since this announcement in 2015, the Council has been through a long and detailed process to find and agree a suitable partner.

The decision to appoint Lendlease was approved at Haringey’s 14 February Cabinet meeting, and we will now enter into final discussions with them on how the joint venture would be established and managed. A final decision on whether to establish the Haringey Development Vehicle, and on proposals for the first phase of sites, is expected to be made by Haringey Council’s Cabinet in the summer of 2017.

You might have heard lots of ‘things’ about the HDV in the press, through leaflets or social media, we want to set the record straight and be very clear what the HDV is and what it means for you.

We have also included full details or where you can find out more and who to contact if you have any questions or queries, as well as details of how you can get involved in your local area.

Some examples of the things you might have heard about the Haringey Development Vehicle:

  • The Council is selling £2bn worth of its property
  • The Council is selling parks, schools and libraries
  • Council tenants will be left homeless
  • Council tenants will have their rents forced up
  • All Council homes are proposed for redevelopment

These are incorrect – here’s the correct information...

What is the HDV?

The HDV will be a 50:50 partnership between Haringey Council and a private partner. The way the partnership will work is that Haringey provides council land – whether housing estates, offices or
disused areas to be developed for new homes, shops, businesses, schools, health centres and community facilities. Our partner matches this with their own cash and its development expertise. This approach means that we can meet our ambition to build thousands of new homes, secure thousands of new jobs and create the opportunities Haringey’s residents and businesses deserve.

Each partner taking an equal 50% stake is crucial as it means that we will need to approve every decision, keeping us in control. It also means that both partners share the returns and we can ensure that our share of profits goes back into other regeneration initiatives, affordable housing and funding the services we provide to residents.

What will it mean for Northumberland  Park residents?

Over the next twenty years it will mean the regeneration of large parts of the borough, including Northumberland Park. The regeneration of Northumberland Park offers the opportunity to provide existing residents with the highest quality replacement homes in a modern, safe environment as well as new additional homes.

The regeneration of Northumberland Park is much more than about housing though – it will improve the health, wellbeing and prospects for local residents, including providing new facilities such as health centres and schools; it will create thousands of new jobs through new businesses and help people of all ages to take advantage of job opportunities in the borough and beyond; and it will deliver high quality community facilities at the heart of Northumberland Park. It also means that you, as local residents, will be at the heart of the process.

Resident involvement from the very beginning will ensure that regeneration plans provide maximum benefit for local communities and reflect what local communities have told us is important to them.

Will council tenants in a home proposed for redevelopment have to right to return to a property on the same estate?


Our overall policy on housing estate renewal says clearly that we will always do our utmost to rehouse any existing council tenant in the same area, if that is what they want.

This policy covers all estate renewal projects, however they are delivered.  For the projects we’re proposing be delivered by the Haringey Development Vehicle, including at Northumberland Park, we have made a clear our commitment to go further and offer a guarantee of return to every resident that wants it. 

Each estate renewal project is unique so detailed work has to be done before the precise options for residents can be set out.  This includes understanding the circumstances and wishes of each individual household and how they match up with the new homes being built and the timetable for development. Only then is it possible to determine how best to accommodate every family that wants to stay in the area.  But that doesn’t change our overall commitment. 

We have already been able to make such a guarantee on other estates in the borough, such as the High Road West development in North Tottenham.

We recognise that any estate renewal project will be of concern to people directly affected, which is why there will be extensive consultation (including statutory consultation with secure tenants) with all residents and businesses to ensure both that they help shape the plans and that they understand their rights and options.

What could the timeline look like?

The following is only an indication of what the timeline may be. We will continually update this timeline as the programme develops.

Community key questions and answers

In October 2016 we asked the two main residents associations (RAs) in the Northumberland Park area – Northumberland Park (NPRA) and Stellar House, Altair Close, Lindales and Bennetts Close (SALB) – for a list of their key questions about the regeneration plans for the estate and the surrounding area.

17 questions were asked including:

  • What is the council's general approach to estate regeneration?
  • Will the council provide like for like homes in the new development? Will these homes be for secure council tenancies?
  • What will happen to the schools?
  • What will the offer be for the leaseholders?
  • What is the timeframe for regeneration?

Responses to all 17 questions can be found on the Community Questions and Answers page.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at

How can I stay up to date, find out information and get involved?

In person

Information Days
The Community Hub, 163 Park Lane, N17 0HJ Last Tuesday of every month between 12 – 4pm

Contact your local engagement officers:

Engage with your local residents association

Seek independent advice

Your Independent Tenant and Leaseholder Adviser (ITLA) for Northumberland Park is PPCR. To discuss any issues raised in this newsletter please contact:
By email:
or freephone 080 0317 066


On Friday 10 February 2017 we sent out a newsletter to all residents living in the Northumberland Park Ward. The newsletter summarised all of the above information.


With any new venture there will always be a number of questions. We have collated all the questions we have received to date on the HDV and put these into groups to make them easier to navigate and review.
The full list of FAQs can be found on Haringey Council's main website here (external link).