A Social Supermarket

Haringey Council has been awarded funding by the Mayor of London to set up a new Social Supermarket – one of only five in England. The planned location for the social supermarket is the Eric Allin Community Centre.

What is a Social Supermarket?

In the UK, 4.1 million tonnes of food is wasted by supermarkets and grocery stores each year. The wasted food is safe, in-date and edible, but isn’t used by major retailers for many reasons, including damaged packaging and over-ordering. ‘Social supermarkets’ reduce this food waste by selling this ‘waste’ stock at low prices to local people on low incomes who are struggling with food poverty. To shop at the Social Supermarket you need to become a member. Membership is for a fixed term of six months.

Who can be a member of the Social Supermarket?

The aim of the social supermarkets is to improve food access for residents of Northumberland Park on low incomes and use their six month membership to work on an improvement plan tailored to their individual needs.  To be eligible to join the shop customers have to be on some form of benefit and live locally. The food is sold at around 30% of the normal retail price.

For more information email us on tottenhamregeneration@haringey.gov.uk

Advertising policy

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