Stakeholder Forum

On Tuesday 20 October 2015, 17 representatives from local community and voluntary groups, resident associations, local businesses and schools amongst others came together for the first meeting of the North Tottenham Stakeholder Forum.

The forum has been set up to share information about regeneration plans, timescales and projects and give residents the opportunity to feedback on services including healthcare, education and employment support.

What was discussed?

The group felt community groups need continued support and investment, with the local Residents Associations receiving a special mention. They were praised for all the great community work they are doing. It was noted how important the role they play is in making sure the wider community are engaged in regeneration and the potential opportunities it offers.

Also on the agenda was affordable housing, improvements to healthcare and how regeneration should maintain and support North Tottenham’s cultural and ethnic diversity.

Get Involved

The North Tottenham Stakeholder Forum meetings will now be held regularly. If you would like to be part of these meetings contact us on

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