Neighbourhood approach

Through past engagement and consultation, residents have told us that they struggle to identify with Northumberland Park as one large area.  We would like to sub-divide Northumberland Park into a series of neighbourhoods and talk to you about future improvements in your immediate area.

What areas might the neighbourhoods include?

We would like your help to shape the boundaries for these neighbourhoods.  To get things started we have suggested a way of sub-dividing the area into neighbourhoods. 

These are based on the physical geography of the wider area, including roads and streets; open space and building types.  We have taken this approach because we think similar building types will face similar challenges that the area improvement plan will need to address.

It is really important for us that the neighbourhoods best reflect the way you see yourself as a community.  Do they represent how you see your area?

Get involved

Place Champions

Your views, wants and wishes will shape the neighbourhood where you live, work and play.  By working together, we can make Northumberland Park a place for all.

Previously we ran a Place Champion scheme that gave residents the opportunity to learn more about urban design and how it can improve residents’ safety, health and create a stronger community.

Area Improvement Plans

You have asked us to improve the physical environment in Northumberland Park, including buildings, streets and open spaces.  We want to work with you to create a series of area improvement plans to address your priorities.

What do we mean by an area improvement plan?

We want to work with you to create a plan which identifies specific projects to make your area a better place to live, work and play.  The kind of things this could include are new homes; community facilities using underutilised space; improved signage and wayfinding; landscaping and community gardens

What are the priorities for your neighbourhood?

  • Design out crime in communal and private areas
  • Residents protected from rising costs, if there is investment/development
  • Street-level cycle parking
  • Increase rental opportunities in the area
  • Reduce ASB – particularly in communal and private areas
  • Improve Northumberland Park bus-stand
  • Introduce cycle routes
  • Increase affordable workspaces to help start-ups
  • Create safe crossings, especially on Park Lane
  • Introduce flowers, benches, dog bins etc.
  • Accessible, maintained and safe play spaces
  • More facilities for young people
  • Due to the need for a community centre, increase the accessibility of the Neighbourhood Resource Centre, with events and facilities outside
  • Support businesses

Contact us

If you would like to share your thoughts on anything Northumberland Park, tell us about an activity you are holding or want us to come along to an event, please contact your dedicated Engagement Officers.

T: 020 8489 3392 or 07580 833939

E: Ian.Cruise@
T: 020 8489 3127 or 07773 958564

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