How can I get involved?

Community Voices programme

Do you want to represent your community and influence change in your neighbourhood?

We are looking for local representatives from across the Northumberland Park area to
join the Community Voices programme as neighbourhood champions. As local experts
with knowledge about where you live, neighbourhood champions will influence the direction of improvements to your area.

What will joining the Community Voices programme involve?

  • Represent your neighbourhood at regular meetings (monthly as required)
  • Provide expert local knowledge, views and ideas on improvements, projects and policy documents guiding future change in your neighbourhood
  • Gather feedback from your neighbourhood on improvements in the area
  • Be a voice for your local community to develop a neighbourhood plan to improve the quality of housing services
  • Help build better engagement and communication across Northumberland Park
  • Collaborate on projects and activities that will improve the health and wellbeing of the local community.

What will you get from the Community Voices programme?

  • Learn about the design process and how your ideas can influence changes in your neighbourhood
  • Help shape community engagement in your neighbourhood
  • Take part in research, site visits and engagement events to gather views from your community
  • Support your community to influence decisions on improvements to your neighbourhood and co-design community projects and activities
  • Develop your skills and add to your CV through dedicated training and personal development opportunities.

You are the local experts, and we want to develop the Community Voices programme to listen, understand and take direction from the people at the heart of the community.

Please contact or call Sarah Carruthers (Community Engagement Officer) on 07967 442513  to find out more about how you can be a part of this group and drive change in and around Northumberland Park.

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The Neighbourhood Resource Centre

We want to ensure that residents have a hub where they can go to and access support, talk about improvement to their local area and find out more about current projects. 

Come and speak to us at the Neighbourhood Resource Centre (NRC) at 177 Park Lane, N17 0HG every Tuesday from 11-4pm.  Here you can also access a range of support and services including:
•    Connected Communities
•    Support Workers
•    Employment Support
•    Housing Related Advice
•    Community Safety Advice

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Homes for Haringey Surgeries

If you are Homes for Haringey resident, we are regularly hosting a range of surgeries where you can talk to us about tenancy and repair issues. These will be held at a range of different locations across your neighbourhood: 

•    1st Thursday of every month – 4pm - 6pm, Neighbourhood Resource Centre (177 Park Lane)
•    2nd Thursday of every month – 4pm - 7pm, The Grange (White Hart Lane)
•    3rd Thursday of every month – 4pm - 7pm, Lindales Residents Association room

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