Connections to and from Northumberland Park are set to dramatically improve with upgrades to the West Anglia mainline services, the Cycle Superhighway and the potential to bring Crossrail 2 to the area.

West Anglia Mainline Upgrade

The West Anglia Mainline upgrade will increase the frequency of train services to Northumberland Park with a four trains per hour service between Angel Road and Stratford. The Northumberland Park station level crossing will be closed and a new modern pedestrian and cycle bridge created. Work is due for completion in 2019

Crossrail 2

Transport for London are currently putting together plans to further improve the transport network across London and the wider South  East – Crossrail 2.

The proposed railway would run from North East London to South West London and Northumberland Park is one of the locations being considered for a Crossrail 2 station. This could mean many more trains an hour running to and from Northumberland Park station, significantly improving the areas connectivity with the rest of London.

To find out more information about Crossrail 2 visit the Crossrail 2 website (external link).  

Cycle Superhighway

Cycling in London has more than doubled in the last decade. To improve safety for cyclists, other road users and pedestrians, Transport for London have built a Cycle Superhighway that links White Hart Lane stadium to Liverpool Street station. The Cycle Superhighway is now complete.

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