Improving Tottenham housing estates is a key element of Haringey Council’s Strategic Regeneration Framework. Alongside this we are always looking for innovative ways to deliver new high quality homes for both existing and new residents.

In March 2017 DCLG awarded £32m of grant funding across 100 estates throughout the country (external link). Haringey received the largest award, £2.371m.  The funding is specifically to assist Haringey to work alongside residents to look at suitable improvements including, where supported by residents, partial or full redevelopment options. Residents wants and wishes will be at the heart of shaping any proposals for their estates.

The money from the fund will be concentrated on working with residents on four of our estates:

  • Northumberland Park
  • Broadwater Farm
  • Turner Avenue/Brunel Walk
  • Reynardson Court

We have already begun conversations with residents on all four estates about the future. This fund gives us an opportunity to step up that work. In particular we want to work with residents to:

  • Increase employment opportunities
  • Tackle social exclusion
  • Empower residents to develop and deliver projects that they want to see on their estates
  • Deliver physical improvements to the estates

One of the first things we will do is appoint a dedicated project manager to coordinate this project and work closely with residents across all the estates. Please keep checking back here for the latest updates. Alternatively you can email any questions to

The fund in action


Northumberland Park

The estate regeneration fund will focus on continuing current and new projects aimed at improving social and economic opportunities for Northumberland Park residents. These are projects that have been set up to improve residents’ prosperity and wellbeing through employment and training opportunities.

A review of all these projects will be completed by summer 2017. We will sit down with residents and identify which projects should be repeated, amended or wound up. This feedback will help us draw up a plan for how to allocate the money over the next two years.

Visit the Northumberland Park pages for full information on what is happening in the area.


Broadwater Farm

We want residents to be at the heart of devising solutions to improve the quality of life on the Broadwater Farm estate. There will be £1m to be spent on improving social and economic opportunities for residents, including helping people access jobs. 

We hope to establish  a community voting day similar to the one that recently took place in Northumberland Park - a "Community Dragon's Den" event. The community voted on which groups would each receive up to £5,000 funding. We will work closely with residents on the Broadwater Farm estate to identify how funds can be spent over the following two years.

We will work with residents to review the recent community engagement carried out on the estate and agree how the priorities residents highlighted can be best met. We expect to start this work in summer 2017.

Community newsletters:


Turner Avenue/Brunel Walk

A capacity study is currently being finalised on Turner Avenue/Brunel Walk which gives an indication of what redevelopment of the site could look like. The dedicated project manager and engagement officer will explore these options in more detail  with residents.

Community newsletters:


Reynardson Court

Last year we met with residents to look at potential redevelopment options. A dedicated project manager and engagement officer will explore the feasibility of this and will keep residents up-to-date on potential next steps.

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