Down Lane PArk Improvement Project

Down Lane Park provides seven hectares of vital green space, including sports, leisure and recreation facilities, a community hub and children’s nursery. Haringey Council is working with residents and community partners to deliver a new vision for the park, to make it a fantastic place at the heart of Tottenham Hale.   


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Jan 2021: Consultation and Engagement - Thank you!

This consultation is now closed. 

Between January and March 2021, we asked you to give your feedback and share how you would like to see Down Lane Park improved. There were a variety of ways residents and users of the park could help to inform and shape the plans for Down Lane Park including an online survey, interactive map and online engagement sessions.

Thank you to all who gave feedback. We will use your feedback to help develop proposals for future designs for the site.

Download the Survey Feedback Report

Full survey responses here 


    Co-Designing Down Lane Park

    Following the park users’ surveys carried out in the spring, the council has been considering options for what the future improvements could look like. During this process, the interest from residents and stakeholders for greater participation in shaping the future of the park has been made clear.

    We are pleased to say that we will be launching the next stage of work on the project in the new year as a flagship co-design project (See below). This relies on active participation of the local community to shape the project – the more people get involved the more powerful the outcomes will be. All local residents, businesses, park users and others with an involvement in the area are invited to engage with the Park User and Community Forum. There will aslo be opportunities to inform the re-design of the park as part of a new co-design process. 


    Park User & Community Forum

    Building on the positive response to the park user's survey undertaken earlier in 2021 (click on the Survey Feedback Report link above) and the local community’s appetite to get involved in supporting the life of Down Lane Park, the Council will support the establishment of a Park User & Community Forum. It will be up to the Forum to define its own priorities, but this could include:

    • Identifying and escalating issues relating to day-to-day operation of the park
    • Supporting management and/or maintenance of park
    • Organising community/sports events, planting and growing initiatives
    • Longer term, taking on a stewardship role
    • Participation in the next stage of the park improvements project through a nominated representative.


    Whilst the Council is keen to help establish and engage with a new Park User & Community Forum, it should be convened and led by the community as already happens elsewhere in the borough.


    Register your interest and get involved 

    If you would like to find out how you can get involved with the Park User & Community Forum, please register your interest by filling out this form and/or come and join us at the Down Lane Park User & Community Forum launch event at Living Under One Sun  12.00 - 2.00pm on Saturday, 15 January 2022. *We will be monitoring government COVID-19 Guidance, please refer back to this page before 15 January. 


    Community Design Group

    We are also bringing together a small group of representatives from a range of local interest groups to form a Community Design Group, who will be central to co-designing improvements to the park. 

    The Design Group will work with the Council and a design-led professional team to develop a shared vision, Masterplan and developed designs for the park.  Further information about the Community Design Group and the co-design journey and how the community, park users and others can engage with the co-design journey will be provided once the Community Design Group is established in the New Year 2022.



    (* This image was taken pre Covid19*)