Following community engagement on green and open spaces in Tottenham Hale, the local community expressed that they wanted to see improvements made to Ferry Lane.

We are proposing to improve the public realm of Ferry Lane, making the road a more pleasant and inviting space for all road users – including pedestrians and cyclists.

What are the issues?

  • Currently Ferry Lane is not a welcoming or safe environment for pedestrians or cyclists. The pavement is in poor condition and directly next to a busy roadway. Cyclists have to share the road with heavy traffic
  • The road feels very urban despite being connected to several great green and open spaces, such as the Walthamstow Wetlands, the Lee Valley Park and the Paddock. The views over the reservoirs are blocked by the rail line or the reservoir embankments
  • The road has a high risk of flooding. The new sustainable urban drainage system will help with drainage and reduce surface water
  • Following feedback from stakeholders, we want to deliver improvements to the front of the Paddock and provide new low level planting to improve the Paddock’s visibility
  • A footfall survey, carried out in April 2017, indicated that the pedestrian crossing would better serve the community, if it was moved to a new location. The crossing will also be enhanced to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists

What changes are we proposing to make?

  • New trees and planting along the front of the Paddock and the junction with Bream Close
  • Proposed two-way separated cycle lane along Ferry Lane
  • Foot path repaving and road resurfacing
  • New sustainable urban drainage system which will minimise flooding risks
  • Improvements to the front of the paddock to increase visibility from the road, including new low level planting to soften the industrial feel of the Paddock entrance
  • Street lighting to be changed to LED energy-efficient which is designed to be ecologically sensitive and reduce light pollution
  • De-clutter the road by removing unnecessary street furniture
  • Removal of the west-bound bus lane and narrow the road to reallocate space for an improved pedestrian and cycle lane
  • Relocate, and create, a new pedestrian and cycle crossing
  • Download the Ferry Lane project design drawings (PDF, 1.5MB)


  • Feb/March - Premobilisation – Vegetation clearance to Paddock frontage and set up site compound
  • Phase 1 – South side of Ferry Lane – Mid March – Mid July 2020
  • Phase 2 – North side of Ferry Lane – Mid July - November 2020