The Tottenham Strategic Regeneration Framework sets out a vision for Tottenham Hale to be London’s next great neighbourhood, with plans to deliver 5,000 homes and 4,000 jobs by 2020.

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A new centre for Tottenham Hale

From 2014 to 2016 we talked to residents, businesses, landowners and other stakeholders to find out about what they would like to see change in Tottenham Hale. Five clear themes emerged:

  1. A Revitalised Heart – A place with a range of shops and leisure options where people enjoy spending time
  2. Affordable 21st Century Neighbourhood Of Choice: A mix of affordable and market homes to rent and buy.  The social and community infrastructure to support a growing community
  3. Well Connected Centre: Well-connected and accessible spaces promoting walking and cycling
  4. A Network of Green And Open Spaces: High quality, green and open spaces, which are well managed/maintained, clean and safe.
  5. A Working Centre: A good place to start up and grow businesses and create jobs.  A mix of job types at varying skill levels

These community-led aspirations for the area will be delivered through the Tottenham Area Action Plan (external link) and the Tottenham Hale District Centre Framework.

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Guiding the change

The District Centre Framework (DCF)

The Tottenham Hale District Centre Framework, alongside the Tottenham Area Action Plan, provides direction for the future development of Tottenham Hale.

It shows one way we can achieve the community's aspirations and provides guidance on what the new centre might look like including what sort of buildings could be built e.g. low rise or high rise buildings and where they could be built.

Please note: these files are very large and may take some time to download on slower connections

The DCF is supported by a Streets and Spaces Strategy and a Green and Open Spaces Strategy.


Streets and Spaces Strategy

The new centre for Tottenham Hale will only work properly if safe and useable pedestrian and cycle routes are created.
We want to:

  • Create a safe and attractive network of pedestrian and cycle routes
  • Reduce the dominance of cars and traffic
  • Encourage opportunities for community activity
  • Create easily maintained public realm
  • Introduce street planting, trees and landscaping

The Draft Tottenham Hale Streets and Spaces Strategy sets out how we can improve streets and public spaces around the area to make them safer, more user-friendly and inviting.

Please note: this file is very large and may take some time to download on slower connections.



The Tottenham Hale Green & Open Spaces Strategy

Improving green and open spaces is fundamental to the regeneration of Tottenham Hale.

We are delivering a programme of physical investment, ecological upgrades and safety improvements, to create a network of enhanced open spaces and green pedestrian links, running from Tottenham High Road to the Lea Valley.

We are working with residents and partners to…


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Strategic Development Partnership

In March 2017 Haringey Council entered into a Strategic Development Partnership (SDP) with Argent Related.

This partnership combines the land holdings of both Argent Related and the council. Without coming together in this partnership we would not be able to deliver on our promise to create 5,000 homes, 4,000 jobs as well new commercial, retail, residential, leisure and entertainment spaces.

Through the SDP we will transform the heart of Tottenham Hale, currently an area dominated by surface car parking and out-of-town retailing, into a safe, open and attractive series of streets and spaces for people to enjoy, flanked by shops, cafes and community facilities.

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Housing Zone

Tottenham Hale was awarded Housing Zone status by the Mayor of London in February 2015.
The Housing Zone investment has enabled us, with development partners, to start delivering a great range of quality, affordable homes in Tottenham Hale.

It has also given us the resources to move forward with community backed plans to create an outstanding new neighbourhood with a fantastic mix of facilities, improved infrastructure and greater opportunities for local people.

To find out more about the Housing Zones visit the Greater London Authority's website (external link).

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