We will be carrying out improvement works on Markfield Road from early 2017.

Improvement measures have been designed to benefit all road users – including pedestrians
and cyclists.

Why are we making these changes to Markfield Road?

To improve safety

  • Markfield Road is currently dangerous and difficult to use. Cyclists have to share the road with heavy traffic. The footpaths are too narrow, pedestrians into the road
  • Markfield Road currently suffers from flooding. The new road materials will help with drainage and reduce surface water
  • Regular users of Markfield Road include children and families who use it as a route to school

To create a more welcoming environment

  • The road and pavements are currently in poor condition, with structural damage and pot-holes
  • Markfield Road is being used more and by small businesses and their visitors coming to the area, so it is important to create attractive spaces

What will happen to the on-street car parking?

  • Parking on Markfield Road is being restricted during week days, in order to make enough room for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles to use it safely during peak times
  • Local residents and visitors will be able to park on the east side of Markfield Road at off-peak times:
    • Any time between 6pm to 7am on weekdays
    • Anytime after 1pm on Saturday
    • All day on Sunday
  • In the long term, we are looking at options to make Markfield Road and the surrounding area a Controlled Parking Zone so that motorists who want to park for a short time can use pay-and display bays
  • A parking survey has been carried out and the results showed:
    • The current parking spaces are mostly used by non-local people such as those commuting from local tube stations, preventing local visitors and residents from being able to use the space
    • The parking is characterised by long-term stays and vehicles are regularly abandoned. This is not a suitable use of parking in an employment area, and the space is needed to improve road safety
    • Haringey is committed to reducing car use in the borough in order to reduce pollution, improve road safety and promote other forms of transport

What changes are we making?

  • Introducing a cycle lane on the west side of Markfield Road
  • Repaving and widening the pedestrian footpath
  • Resurfacing the road
  • Re-painting the currently faded yellow lines and road markings
  • The planting of trees along the eastern side of Markfield Road
  • Replacing the street lighting so that it is brighter and more energy efficient
  • Introducing drainage solutions to reduce flooding

For more information email tottenhamregeneration@haringey.gov.uk