A New Centre for Tottenham Hale

Over the last two years we’ve talked to residents, businesses, landowners and other stakeholders to find out about what they would like to see change in Tottenham Hale. Five clear themes have emerged:

1. A revitalised heart

Tottenham Hale needs a revitalised ‘heart’ and a proper centre - a place where people can meet, work and spend their leisure time.

2. An affordable 21st century neighbourhood of choice

There needs to be a mix of affordable and open market homes to rent and buy plus great healthcare, education and cultural facilities to support a growing community. Any development needs to support the local people that already live here but also attract new families and businesses.

3. A well connected centre

The new centre needs to be well connected with safe streets and high quality shared public spaces. The existing green and open spaces should be easily accessible for all to encourage walking and cycling.

4. A network of green and open spaces

Tottenham Hale has a fantastic range of green spaces and waterways including the Lee Valley Regional Park and the Paddock. Existing parks and a range of smaller green spaces add to the quality of life of locals and visitors. The spaces need to be better connected and well maintained.

5. A working centre

Provision needs to be made to support a range of workspaces from offices to creative business. Tottenham Hale needs to be a good place to start up and grow businesses and create jobs at varying skill levels. It should provide good services including doctors' surgeries, dentists, spaces for the community and schools in good quality buildings.

The District Centre Framework

The Tottenham Hale District Centre Framework (DCF) shows one way that new homes and jobs could be delivered in Tottenham Hale. It provides guidance on what the new centre might look like including what sort of buildings could be built e.g. low rise or high rise buildings and where they could be built.

Please note: these files are very large and may take some time to download on slower connections

Alternatively you can read a shortened summary of Tottenham Hale District Centre Framework in the Tottenham Hale Update November 2015 (PDF, 8.9MB)


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