The Paddock Community Nature Reserve is a Site of Importance to Nature Conservation (SINC) in  Haringey.  We want to work with the community to make it a better-used green space which supports community and educational activities, improves its safety and ecology and improves connections between Tottenham Hale and the Lea Valley.

If you have any questions please contcat Nick Rendle  on Nick.Rendle@haringey.gov.uk.

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Until the mid-19th Century the Paddock formed the northern half of the Mill Mead water meadow part of the common land that supplied grain to the neighbouring Tottenham Mill.  After World War One the area was used as a sports ground, owned by the nearby Harris Lebus furniture factory, after the factory closed the land became largely derelict but was occasionally used to graze horses hence the ‘Paddock’ name. In the 1960’s excavation rubble from the construction of the Victoria Line was deposited in the Paddock creating the elevations present today.  The site was opened to the public as a Community Nature Park in 2000.

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Project overview

We will improve the Paddock, making it:

  • A well-used green space, which suffers from minimal anti-social behaviour, supports community and educational activities, and provides multiple opportunities for visitors to explore, learn and play in a unique ecological setting
  • A well-managed, exemplar site for ecology and biodiversity in Haringey, with the declaration of Local Nature Reserve status and an accompanying 21-year management and maintenance plan, incorporating formalised community involvement
  • A well-connected green space, which seamlessly integrates with the new Hale Wharf pedestrian bridges and Ferry Lane improvements and is a key element of the emerging ‘green grid’ of pedestrian and cycle routes connecting Tottenham to the Lea Valley. 

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Ferry Lane

The Ferry Lane project sits next to the southern perimeter of the Paddock. Initial works will commence in early 2020 and will include revised landscaping, a new Paddock fence and entry point together with a dedicated cycle lane. The Paddock’s anticipated programme of works will be co-ordinated with the Ferry Lane works where possible to ensure continuity in design and to minimise impact on the area.

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Hale Wharf Bridge

Hale Wharf Bridge, which links directly into the Paddock in the Norther corner from Hale Wharf, will form part of Hale Wharf development and provide a continuous route through to Walthamstow Wetlands. The Bridge is expected to be completed by in 2023.

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We want you to get involved! There will be regular volunteer activities at the Paddock throughout 2020 and beyond – please come and join us, help to extend the pond, survey trees and animal populations, or do a touch of weeding! These sessions will be led by The Conservation Volunteers (TCV), who work with the Council on improving and maintaining biodiversity rich areas.

To find out more or get involved, please contact Matt from TCV on  020 8348 6005 or by email at m.pendergast@tcv.org.uk

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