streets and open spaces

Local residents and businesses have told us that streets and spaces need to be improved in Tottenham Hale.  The new centre for Tottenham Hale will only work properly if safe and useable pedestrian and cycle routes are created.

We want to:

  • Create a safe and attractive network of pedestrian and cycle routes
  • Reduce the dominance of cars and traffic
  • Encourage opportunities for community activity
  • Create easily maintained public realm
  • Introduce street planting, trees and landscaping

A Draft Tottenham Hale Streets and Spaces Strategy (PDF, 18.2MB) has been developed to help improve Tottenham Hale's physical environment.

The Draft Tottenham Hale Streets and Spaces Strategy sets out how we can improve streets and public spaces around the area to make them safer, more user-friendly and inviting.

The Streets and Spaces Strategy suggests:

  • Linking Ashley Road and the retail park with a new street
  • Calming traffic by creating a pedestrian friendly environment with new controlled crossings, narrowed roads, wider less cluttered footways and more street activity
  • There will be tree lined streets and planting with green spaces within the new centre

Download the Draft Tottenham Hale Streets and Spaces Strategy (PDF, 18.2MB)

Please note: this file is very large and may take some time to download on slower connections.

Alternatively you can read a shortened summary of the Draft Streets and Spaces Strategy in the Tottenham Hale Update November 2015 (PDF, 8.9MB)

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