Pride in Bruce Grove is a project to enliven public spaces in the town centre with artistic installations that reflect and celebrate Bruce Grove and its communities.

We have been working with local community groups, businesses and residents to help select sites and design each installation.

We are pleased to reveal updated designs for the installations. See the Designs section for more information.

Read on for information about the project, progress to date and upcoming opportunities to get involved.

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Project background

Pride in Bruce Grove is part of a broader programme by Haringey Council to celebrate the identity of Bruce Grove and improve it as a place to live, work, shop and visit – making it greener and safer, and providing opportunities and support for local communities and businesses.  

Pride in Bruce Grove aims to:

  • Activate underused public spaces in the alleyways that branch off the High Road, to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to stop and play 
  • Enhance the pedestrian experience, for example providing artworks for crossings which help to calm traffic or murals that reflect the creativity, diversity and identity of Bruce Grove
  • Install creative signposting that helps people find their way around the area and raises awareness of local cultural assets
  • Improve environmental quality, through creative interventions that may improve air quality, add greenery or raise awareness of environmental issues around Bruce Grove Town Centre

Haringey Council has appointed designers Office S&M, to work with the local community, makers and artists to design and deliver between three and four artistic installations in Bruce Grove Town Centre. We want to build upon local skills and resources in a way that ensures investment is retained within the local area as well as celebrating the diversity and richness of the Bruce Grove community. 

We are looking to start the installations in summer 2022.

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Progress to date

We have worked with members of the local community throughout the project to ensure that the installations respond to and celebrate Bruce Grove’s diverse communities:

  • Nine potential sites in Bruce Grove were identified for artistic installations. In May-June 2021, we invited community members to vote via an online survey for the sites they would like to see developed and start to shape the designs. We also held a travelling workshop where we visited sites in Bruce Grove and spoke to members of the local community
  • We asked members of the community if they would like to be part of a working group to help design the installations. We held three workshops with the working groups in August-September 2021 to develop the designs for the installations
  • In October - November 2021 we held a drop-in session at the alleyway by Scotland Green, and posted the initial designs online for comment. The online consultation feedback can be viewed on Commonplace (external link).  From this feedback, we decided to appoint a Bruce Grove resident artist, Anna Nicolo, to build on the workshop outputs to develop final designs for two of the three installations

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Phase 1: survey results 

We were delighted to receive 299 responses to our survey, collected both online and in person through the Travelling Workshop. Below is a summary of the survey feedback on Bruce Grove’s identity, themes that the local community would most like to see celebrated through the artistic installations, and the top-ranking installation sites.

Below is a summary of the survey feedback on Bruce Grove’s identity and themes that the local community would most like to see celebrated through the artistic installations.

  • What three words would you use to describe the identity of Bruce Grove?

You can download an accessible version of Bruce Grove in words here (PDF, 65KB).

  • What theme do you think the Pride in Bruce Grove artistic installations should focus on?

Top 4:

  1. Art and creativity – 163 votes
  2. Diversity – 138 votes
  3. Nature, the environment and sustainability – 124 votes
  4. The history of Bruce Grove – 115 votes

The top three installations sites voted for were:

  1. Wall Below Bruce Grove Bridge
  2. Alleyway by Scotland Green
  3. Bruce Grove Bridge Crossing

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Phase 2: sites and design development

Wall below Bruce Grove Bridge

Feedback from the survey identified this as a key visible junction which presents the opportunity for a highly visible, impactful artistic installation that celebrates the identity of Bruce Grove.

We ran an online co-design workshop on Thursday 26 August which was attended by four members of the local community. In the workshop we used Miro, an online interactive board, to brainstorm the stories, places, people, events and history about Bruce Grove that the wall mural should celebrate. 

The priorities identified in the workshop were for the installation to:

  • Celebrate Bruce Grove’s historical and cultural legacies, diversity and strong sense of community, and role as meeting point and junction
  • Brighten up the space under the bridge

The feedback we received on the initial designs supported the idea of having a vibrant, colourful mosaic, but recommended involving an artist to make the design more coherent.

Artist Anna Nicolo has used the outputs of the workshop to develop a design which you can see in the Design section

Alleyway in Scotland Green

Feedback from the surveys suggested that the artistic installations should increase the visibility of the site and create a sense of community and place. The alleyway is also an important link between the High Road and the nearby green spaces of Hartington Park and the Lea Valley. 

We ran a remote co-design workshop on Wednesday 18 August with six members of the local community to develop the designs for the site. In the workshop we used Miro, an online collaborative tool, which enabled participants to feedback on the types of artistic installations and street furniture they consider most important to the alleyway by Scotland Green. This was lighting, planters and wayfinding. We also explored the different themes relating to Bruce Grove that the installations could celebrate. The participants’ top themes were a connection to nature and to local history.

The consultation feedback we received was that the proposed installation was too busy and might impede access to the alleyway, and that the seating might encourage anti-social behaviour. In response, we have reduced the number of elements in the installation and removed the proposed seating. The final design is presented below. 

Bruce Grove Bridge Crossing

Feedback from the survey identified that the crossing is located at a key junction . The floor mural presents the opportunity to make the crossing more visible and could help to make traffic more aware of pedestrians at this busy junction. 

We ran a workshop with nine young people from Bruce Grove Youth Space on Thursday 16 September to develop the designs for the road crossings. The young people selected photographs from around Bruce Grove, and used the shapes and patterns from the local area to create a collage pattern. 

TfL has asked councils to pause all road crossing floor murals whilst further research is done to assess their impacts on all pedestrians and road users.

We have relocated the mural temporarily to the wall lining the pedestrian footpath behind Holcombe Market. The mural will improve the vibrancy and safety of this pedestrian walkway which connects residential areas to the High Road. 

This design is at an earlier stage than the other installations because of the change in site. It is currently being finalised by artist Anna Nicolo, taking inspiration from the young people’s collages.

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1. Wall below Bruce Grove Bridge

The installation is a 6m x 3m glass tiled mosaic mounted to the wall with a metal frame. The artwork celebrates the stories, places, people and rich history of Bruce Grove by having them all represented in an ideological map of the area. It emphasises Bruce Grove’s diversity and its role as a junction and meeting point for different areas of Tottenham. 

The style of the artwork could be compared to a tapestry, with each geometric element weaved into the urban landscape to create a bigger pattern. 

Some of the key features in the artwork are: 

  • Bruce Grove Youth Space
  • Political events including Black Lives Matter
  • Walter Tull, former Tottenham resident and one of English football’s first black players
  • Historic buildings such as Bruce Castle and the public conveniences

2. Alleyway in Scotland Green

The design features artistic wayfinding and lamp posts that signpost to local green spaces and reference local historical legacies, including mulberry trees and the namer of clouds, Luke Howard. Planters will add greenery to the space. Gobo lighting will project a pattern onto the floor at night resembling the River Moselle that runs under the site. 

3. Holcombe Road Wall

Designs are currently being finalised, please watch this space.

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Next steps and how to get involved 

Our next steps are to carry out technical design work for the installations. We submitted a Planning Application for the Bridge Wall which we expect to be determined in May. We will also be obtaining final Network Rail approvals for the Bridge Wall.

We are looking to start installation in summer 2022. 

For updates on the project and to be informed about future opportunities to get involved, you can:

Email Office S&M at to join the project mailing list

Like our facebook page: 

Follow our Instagram

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