Pride in Bruce Grove – Get Involved!

We are pleased to announce the launch of activities for our Pride in Bruce Grove project, which will enliven public spaces in the town centre with artistic installations that reflect and celebrate Bruce Grove and its communities. 

We are looking for local community groups, businesses and residents to help select sites and design each installation.

We would like to invite you fill out a five-minute online survey to help select three or four sites in Bruce Grove and tell us what kinds of installations you would like to see. 

The survey is live until Sunday 13 June 2021. Further details about the project and ways to get involved can be found below.

Please access the survey using the link or QR code below:

Project background

Pride in Bruce Grove is part of a broader programme by Haringey Council to celebrate the identity of Bruce Grove and improve it as a place to live, work, shop and visit – making it greener and safer, and providing opportunities and support for local communities and businesses.  

Pride in Bruce Grove aims to:

  • Activate underused public spaces in the alleyways that branch off the High Road, to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to stop and play 
  • Enhance the pedestrian experience, for example providing artworks for crossings which help to calm traffic or murals that reflect the creativity, diversity and identity of Bruce Grove
  • Install creative signposting that helps people find their way around the area and raises awareness of local cultural assets
  • Improve environmental quality, through creative interventions that may improve air quality, add greenery or raise awareness of environmental issues around Bruce Grove Town Centre

Haringey Council has appointed designers Office S&M, to work with the local community, makers and artists to design and deliver between three and four artistic installations in Bruce Grove Town Centre. We want to build upon local skills and resources in a way that ensures investment is retained within the local area as well as celebrating the diversity and richness of the Bruce Grove community. 

Nine potential sites in Bruce Grove have been identified for artistic installations. We are now inviting community members to vote for the sites they would like to see developed and start to shape the designs. 

As part of this, we held a travelling workshop on Saturday 22nd May where we visited sites in Bruce Grove and spoke to around 50 people to gather their views on the artistic installations. If you didn’t manage to attend the travelling workshop, there are still opportunities to get involved - please see the section below to learn more

How to get involved

We invite you to fill out our survey to tell us:

  • Which sites in Bruce Grove you would like to see developed
  • About your ideas for artistic installations for the sites
  • If you are interested in joining a working group to develop the proposals. This involves attending one to two online workshops alongside other members of the local community and offering your ideas and feedback on the designs. 

Click HERE or follow the QR code below to fill in our survey, which is live until 13 June. 

Other ways to get involved are: