high road strategy

The Tottenham High Road Strategy started in 2017. Haringey Council commissioned consultants Tibbalds, to provide a programme of proposals to improve the High Road, with particular focus on the two District Centres, Bruce Grove and Seven Sisters, with the aims of promoting:

  1. A unique identity for the High Road and its town centres, that celebrates the diversity of place, its communities, its heritage and its culture and promotes a perception of the place that people can be proud of
  2. A proud and resilient High Road with a strong local economy, stronger businesses and good quality jobs and includes a sustainable mix of retail, civic and leisure uses during both day and evening
  3. Healthier, safer and greener places, streets and neighbourhoods, which are better connected and optimise opportunities for sustainable transport
  4. An approach to projects and interventions on the High Road which provides the skills and support for local communities and businesses to engage and have a sense of ownership of their area and opportunities to succeed in their work and live fulfilling lives
  5. An approach which attracts inward investment into the places and types of activities that have the greatest need and opportunity

The Strategy will provide ideas for a range of projects that are aimed at addressing issues and taking opportunities related to the High Road, including improvements to streets and highways, working with landowners to enhance historic buildings and other buildings, especially where this can lead to more jobs, promoting creative and arts projects, particularly where these can involve local people, providing business support initiatives to enhance the local economy and working with partners to better arrange buildings and land to make spaces cleaner and safer.

The Strategy was approved by Haringey Council's Cabinet in early 2019.

Further information

In 2017 we appointed consultants Tibbalds to prepare a strategy and delivery plan for Tottenham High Road. The project team that worked on the delivery of this strategy included: