Thank you

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Tottenham Conference and helped to make it such a success. Hundreds of people enjoyed guided regeneration tours, fabulous local entertainment and a new-look market on Saturday 18 July 2015.

The Tottenham Conference, which ran from 10am-5pm, included a popular exhibition of more than 30 voluntary and residents’ groups, local activities and public and private sector organisations providing services in the area alongside Tottenham Talks and regeneration drop-in sessions.

The event report is available to download here - Tottenham Conference Report 2015 (PDF, 3MB)

The background

In October 2013, the council commissioned independent community engagement experts Soundings to carry out a five-month Tottenham’s Future consultation, as part of its commitment to placing local residents' priorities at the heart of regeneration plans, with more than 3,700 responses. The request for a forum where local people could find out more about regeneration plans - a Tottenham Conference - came out of this consultation.

Tottenham’s Future consultation directly influenced the Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) (PDF, 2MB) - a landmark 20-year vision for the future of Tottenham, which sets out how local people’s priorities could be achieved through long-term regeneration - and it is the cornerstone of all the council's activity taking place in Tottenham.

Seven key changes needed for Tottenham to achieve its potential were identified by Haringey Council within the Strategic Regeneration Framework and one year on much has been achieved. At the Tottenham Conference 2015 we launched the updated Framework.

Seven key changes for Tottenham

The seven key changes identified within the Strategic Regeneration Framework and the achievements to date can be viewed on the PDFs below.

  1. World-class education and training (PDF, 164KB)
  2. Improved access to jobs and business opportunities (PDF, 81KB)
  3. A different kind of housing market (PDF, 114KB)
  4. A fully connected community with even better transport links (PDF, 113KB)
  5. A strong and healthy community (PDF, 81KB)
  6. Great places (PDF, 113KB)
  7. The right investment and quality development (PDF, 141KB)

SRF Delivery Plan - 2015 update

The SRF Delivery Plan (PDF, 747KB), first published in 2014, focuses on the following four priorities in the short to medium term to deliver the aspirations within the SRF and those gathered from the local community as part of the ‘Tottenham’s Future’ engagement programme:

  1. People: To deliver improved access to jobs and business opportunities; world-class education and training; and a strong and healthy community
  2. Place: Better caring for the place and delivering improved public realm in all of the local centres that comprise Tottenham
  3. North Tottenham including High Road West, a new stadium/leisure destination and a comprehensive estate regeneration and housing renewal programme; and
  4. Tottenham Hale: a key area of opportunity in South Tottenham, building on the delivery of a new station and a range of mixed use development

In July 2015 we updated the SRF Delivery Plan. Haringey Council and its partners are working hard to realise the communities aspirations and the SRF Delivery Plan 2015 (PDF, 217KB) gives detailed project updates and achievements over the last year.


Tottenham timeline

Since the 2014 Tottenham Conference many great things have been achieved by working together. We've put together a Tottenham Timeline that shows a snapshot of all the great things that have happened in Tottenham (up to June 2015).


Community exhibition

More than 30 voluntary and residents’ groups, local activities and public and private sector organisations providing services hosted stalls in the exhibition room. Giving local residents the opportunity to find out more about what is happening in their community and get involved.

Exhibitors at the 2015 event included:

ASBAT | Community Healthy Champions | Embrace UK  | Friends of Bruce Castle | GoodGym | HAVCO | Holy Trinity | Homes for Haringey | Job Centre Plus | Keepmoat | Haringey Council -  Planning Department | Lee Valley Estates | Lemuel Findlay Supplementary School | Living Under One Sun | Metropolitan Police: Neighbourhood Policing | Metropolitan Police: Volunteering  | Mulalley | Neighbourhood Connect/HAGA | Newlon | Northumberland Park Residents Association | Smarter Travel | Smokefreelife | Stace LLP | TFL | The A Team Project | The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London | The Health Trainer Service | Tottenham Art Classes | Tottenham Hotspur | Tottenham Hotspur Foundation | Tottenham UTC  | Veolia  | Wards Corner Coalition

Tottenham talks

Haringey Council launched Haringey’s Corporate Plan in 2015. It is a plan for the borough, a plan which sets out how by working together we will make Haringey an even better place to live. At the Tottenham Conference we hosted four talks based on priorities from the Corporate Plan, with councillors, community groups and business and service providers working in Tottenham to discussing what the priorities meant to them.

Talk One - Outstanding for All

Enable every child and young person to have the best start in life, with high quality education. Enable all adults to live healthy long and fulfilling lives.
Chair: Malcolm Smith, Tottenham Programme Director, Haringey Council.

  • Cllr Ann Waters, Cabinet Member for Children and Families, Haringey Council
  • Andy Forbes, Principal College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London
  • Deborah Ramm-Harpley, Principal, Tottenham University Technical College
  • Dalwardin Babu OBE, St Francis de Sales Federation
  • Roushanara  Ameen, Promotions Officer HALS, Haringey Council


Talk Two - Sustainable Housing and Strong Communities

Create homes and communities where people choose to live and are able to thrive.
Chair: Lyn Garner, Director of Regeneration, Planning and Development, Haringey Council.


  • Cllr Alan Strickland, Cabinet Member Housing and Regeneration
  • Jamie Ratcliff, Greater London Authority
  • Chris Shellard, Hale Village, Lee Valley Estate
  • Christine Patterson, Chair, Tottenham Traders Partnership
  • Paul Leslie, Interim CEO, HAVCO
  • Christopher Lovewell, TfL


Talk Three - Clean and Safe

A clean, well maintained and safe borough where people are proud to live and work.
Chair: Eubert Malcolm, Head of Community Safety and Regulatory Services, Haringey Council.


  • Cllr Stuart McNamara, Cabinet Member for the Environment, Haringey Council
  • Dayle Speed, Met police
  • Sarah Stamp, HAGA
  • Sheena Mitchell, ASBAT team
  • Leyla Laksari, Living under one sun


Talk Four - Tottenham’s New Economy

Drive growth and employment from everyone can benefit.
Chair: Adam Hunt, Area Regeneration Manager (North Tottenham), Haringey Council.


  • Cllr Joe Goldberg, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Social Inclusion and Sustainability, Haringey Council
  • Garmon Garth, Birkbeck University
  • Nick Hartwright, Co founder, The Mill Co Project
  • Rachel Ho, Director, Craving Coffee
  • Wendy Conley, Head of Learning, Fashion Enter
  • N17 Studio, McAslan, Robert Torday and Daisy Ignatiou


Regeneration drop-in sessions

Ambitious regeneration plans for Tottenham are already underway, with schemes tackling local people's priorities for more job opportunities, better housing and improved transport links. Throughout the course of the day at the Tottenham Conference three regeneration drop in sessions were held, highlighting activity happening throughout Tottenham. A mini exhibition accompanied the drop-in sessions and the exhibition material can be viewed below.

Seven Sisters, Tottenham Green, Bruce Grove

North Tottenham

Tottenham Hale


Walking tours of Tottenham

Tottenham is an exciting and vibrant place to live but not everyone has the time to explore what is on their doorstep. On Saturday 18 July 2015 two walking tours of Tottenham took place giving the community the chance to find out more about the place they live, work and play.

Green Tottenham
Lead by Leyla Laksari from Living Under One Sun, the Green Tottenham walking tour took in some of the best of Tottenham's green spaces - visiting the Paddocks, Tottenham Marshes, Tottenham Hale Allotments and Hale Wharf

Improving Tottenham’s streets and public spaces
Lead by Christine Wood (Haringey Council), Joyce Rosser (The Civic Society) and Graeme Sutherland (Adams and Sutherland) the tour visited Tottenham streets and public spaces that have been transformed. This tour visited West Green Road Bridge art, West Green Road Pocket Park, revamped shopfronts (part of the Shopfront  Improvement Project) Tottenham Green and Albert Place