The Townscape Heritage Initiative is a National Heritage Lottery Funded (NHLF) programme to restore historic buildings in North Tottenham. The scheme will preserve and enhance the special character and appearance of the conservation area along Tottenham High Road, by carrying out vital building conservation repair works to improve the external fabric of key buildings and shop fronts.


Objectives of the project include: 

  • Improve the appearance of historic buildings with good quality design and encourage people to shop;
  • Provide opportunities for local people to learn about the heritage of Tottenham and become involved in its restoration and maintenance;
  • Create an attractive environment that people can take pride in.


Programme delivery is divided into two phases. 

Phase One - permission to start construction was granted on 3rd July 2017 and practical completion of the conservation works to 14 historic properties was achieved in June 2018. The total construction costs for Phase One totalled £1,140,487. 

Phase Two – There is a programme of enhancements expected for: 775 High Road - repairs to the external facade and shop front improvements (including signage); 785 High Road – repairs to the external facade and shop front (including signage); 781 High Road, restoration of entrance adjacent to shop front (Betfred). 

Under Phase Two Cuttle Construction have been awarded the Principal Contractor role on the project.  Cuttle commenced works as of 14th September, 2020. With scaffolding erected, Cuttle have begun to open-up the shop front facades with restoration works being undertaken. Works are scheduled for completion by early 2021. 



The Townscape Heritage Initiative is a joint funded venture between the National Heritage Lottery Fund, Haringey Council and property owners who are recipients of the restoration works. For each restoration project, property owners are expected to contribute 15% of the total construction costs, with the remaining capital costs met by Haringey Council and the National Heritage Lottery Fund. The total budget envelope for Phase One and Phase Two is circa £2.3m.

Community participation

A series of heritage activities for local residents culminated in the Memories of the High Road exhibition at Bruce Castle Museum. We now have a team of Heritage Champions –trained in a variety of conservation related skills – to help keep an eye on Tottenham’s heritage. Local schools and the Sixth Form College are the new generation inspired by the Heritage of the High Road.

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