Introducing the HTBG Residents Association

One of the longest-established residents associations in North Tottenham, the Headcorn, Tenterden, Beaufoy and Gretton Roads residents association (HTBG) meets every three to four months at the Whitehall & Tenterden Community Centre.

Name: Barbara Cordwell
Position: Chair

Why I got involved

I enjoy working for the community and taking up people’s issues if there is a problem. When people feel they can’t do anything else they will approach the association and we’ll move things along.

Coming along to meetings is good because it’s a chance to meet your neighbours and find out what’s going on in the community. The residents association can act as a support network.


Name: Margaret Power
Position: Vice-chair

Why I got involved
I’ve been involved for nine years. The RA has clout and we can get things done.
If you are worried about issues and how you should get things done then you should come along to find out what we’re about. There are some lovely people around here.

Name: Yvette Buttigieg,
Position: Treasurer

Why I got involved
My kids and I grew up here and it’s a very cohesive community. I love this area.  We get things done in the RA.  We are on the ball with what’s happening in the area so people come to us as an information resource.

Name: Kate Worley,
Position: Secretary

Why I got involved

We quickly realised what a lovely neighbourhood it was and we’ve been active in the RA ever since – neighbourliness is very important around here. I work with Barbara looking after people’s complaints and we’ve got a reputation for pushing.


The residents association, which also covers Tebworth and Penshurst Roads, is always happy to welcome new residents to its meetings and for more information contact Barbara on: