A Tottenham woman has realised her dream of opening her own yoga studio in West Green Road.
Beccy Watkinson opened Bind Yoga at the end of 2018. With dozens of different teachers and offering classes every day for all ages and abilities it is already proving a popular addition to the bustling street with yoga novices and veterans flocking to its doors.

Bind Yoga

“Beccy is a great teacher so when I heard she had opened this studio I was always going to come,” said Nigel Lister, speaking after a Monday morning class. “I’ve paid £20 for a special introductory offer where I can come to as many classes as I can and try as many different teachers over two weeks.”

“I’ve been blown away by the response so far,” said Beccy. “Even before we opened people were popping their heads round the door and asking what it was going to be and saying, ‘Well done for trying something different’. The reaction has been amazing.”

Beccy is keen to make yoga as accessible as possible with reasonable prices and special offers such as the one Nigel enjoyed. For her it was also important to open the studio in Tottenham.

“My husband and I have lived here for years and we’ve raised our children here,” she said. “It’s easy to say there’s a lot wrong with Tottenham - but why not be one of the people who can help do something for good rather than just complaining about it?”

Intent on making this a studio for the community Beccy has introduced children’s sessions and a Community Yoga class on Thursday at 10am for £5. All the money from this session goes towards Mind in Haringey – a charity close to Beccy’s heart.

“Mental health is something more people should talk about and there’s a lot of stigma attached to it,” she said. “It’s something I’ve struggled a lot with in life and yoga is fantastic for mental health. You don’t have to jump around all the time in a sweaty physical workout. Lying down and learning to be still and be at peace with your thoughts is a big part of yoga which often gets overlooked.”

For more details visit www.bind-yoga.co.uk (external meetings).