I Have a Dream Workshop

Monday 9 – Saturday 14 April, Tottenham

LIFT and the acclaimed Brazilian artist Renato Rocha are looking for Tottenham-based female artists aged 18+ to participate in a week-long workshop exploring the themes of Martin Luther King’s iconic ‘I have a dream’ speech. Taking place in Tottenham, the workshop will focus on the female perspective by celebrating the women who inspired King’s speech, the ‘Queen of Gospel’ Mahalia Jackson, whilst exploring how the American civil rights movement relates to the dreams of various contemporary communities in Tottenham today.

LIFT Festival

Under Renato’s guidance, the small group of artists will work collaboratively and use a diverse range of artistic practices to explore how our private and public dreams unite and divide us and how these are influenced by our fears and social unrest.

They are looking for artists that are confident in expressing themselves and willing to learn. They are open to artists from all artistic disciplines; dance, video, art, spoken word, graffiti, photography, and music etc.

The workshop is the first phase in a longer project which will hopefully be realised as a theatrical performance at LIFT’s 2020 festival.


Send LIFT an explanation of your artistic practice and why you would like to participate in the project (no more than one side of A4) and if possible, a CV detailing relevant experience and any website/video links to your work if appropriate.

Participants will receive £15 a day towards expenses.

 Please send to: programme@liftfestival.com by 10am, Friday 23 March 2018.