A project for youngsters to learn about bike maintenance, go on organised bike rides and make the most of their two wheels is starting in Northumberland Park.

Somerford Grove Bike Group

Called the Somerford Grove Bike Project it’s funded by Haringey Council and will be a free activity running from the first week of June to the middle of September.

Every Saturday from 11am to 3pm – as well as at least one weekday throughout the summer holidays – young people will be able to come along to the Somerford Grove Adventure Playground in Park Lane and have fun learning about bikes.

Experienced youth leaders will teach them about bike mechanics and how to repair a puncture etc before a group will head out for a bike ride. And you don’t even need to own your own bike as organisers will find one for you while there is even talk of workshops to build your own set of wheels!

“We’ll teach them everything about bike maintenance including how to change brake cables and check your bike is road worthy,” said project leader, Tam Carrigan. “And we’ll also discuss road safety before heading out as a group around the area and further afield. Families are also encouraged to join us for a bike ride and it promises to be a lot of fun.”

It’s all part of the mission by the Haringey Play Association, which runs the playground, to encourage healthier lifestyles and play in the great outdoors.

“There’s a lot of worry and anxiety about obesity with children not exercising,” said Tam. “But if we can get youngsters on their bikes that can extend their play radius. The project will also be really good for children in building their self-confidence and helping their knowledge around a piece of mechanical machinery. The workings of a bike might seem a bit of a mystery but we will help that puzzle make sense and then they’ll start to show others how this and that works.”

“I’ve part of a bike club at the playground,” said Riley, aged seven. “Since coming here I’ve felt more confident and it’s so good for my health – biking keeps my legs strong and healthy! I’ve also learnt about road safety and how to do such things as repair punctures.”

For more details visit: www.haringey-play.org.uk (external link)