A new group aims to make Hartington Park a safer, cleaner and more pleasant place for residents to enjoy.

Friends of Hartington Park and Carbuncle Passage plan to make the “unloved” green space just a few minutes’ walk from the Tottenham High Road, a park to be proud of.

“We use the park on a weekly basis but always with that feeling you wish it was nicer,” said Friends co-chair Chloe Tait. “I wish there were more families playing here and I would love to see more young people use the multi-games area. Whenever we’ve had events it’s been really positive and a nice atmosphere.”

Chloe attended a meeting over the summer organised by local Councillor, Ruth Gordon who also thought the park needed a little “tender loving care”. Following the meeting a clean-up was arranged.

“There has been some anti-social behaviour in the park and the best way to help with that is to make the park occupied,” said Cllr. Gordon. “We are now reaching out to different groups that surround the park including the local school and nursery, the church and Clements House (sheltered accommodation).”

“The concern of many residents about the park is safety,” said David Nawej, chair of the Clements House residents’ group. “We are closest to the park and our garden backs onto it. I joined the group because I really like nature. The air is polluted in a lot of London but a park helps reduce pollution so the better the park the better our health!”

The Friends plan to organise regular clean-ups and events for families. Recently the council’s parks department planted 15 mature trees and the Friends also have ambitious plans to raise money to transform Hartington Park.

Friends of Hartington Park

“We’ll be discussing a masterplan for the whole park,” said Friends co-secretary Corinne Roberts. “And we’ve been talking about raising funds for gardening equipment and for work on the playground area. We are also planning a consultation so we can hear what residents want to see happen to the park.”

“We need to dream big for the park,” said resident Sammy Bugyei. “The River Moselle runs down one side of it but you wouldn’t know because it’s covered over. Wouldn’t it be great to uncover it and perhaps have glass placed over so you can see it running underneath? This park could become iconic and it’s exciting to think what can be achieved.”

  • The next meeting of the Friends will take place on Sunday 20 January at 10am at Clements House in Siddons Road. It is open to all to share your ideas about what you want in the park.
  • The next litter pick will take place on Sunday 3 February from 10am to noon. Meet at the playground.
  • For more information email hartingtonpark@gmail.com (external link) or find ‘Friends of Hartington Park and Carbuncle Passage’ on Facebook.