Creative residents aged 16-25 with an interest in filming, photography and audio recording are invited to take part in a free workshop being run by creative digital artist, Hannah Whittaker.

You'll get an introduction to film, photography and audio recording and it will also cover:
• Stimulating styles of documentation
• How to work effectively within the limits of your equipment
• How to best record your skills and showcase them

The free workshop will run on Friday 8 March, from 5 to 7pm at The Engine Room. Places are limited and must be booked at (external link).

Some of the work produced in the workshops may be exhibited at a Sky Above the Scene (external link) event being held at The Engine Room on 15-16 March.

Sky Above the Scene is a project that paints the picture of a world united under one borderless sky. In a time of borders being strengthened and unions being separated, this project aims to focus attention on what unites us - appreciating our coexistence under one, borderless sky. While this may be a seemingly obvious fact, it’s by providing a space to meditate on it that allows this to change how people perceive the world. Challenging and calling into question our perceptions of other cultures being far removed and “foreign”, while also celebrating diversity and making us think about how our own community is viewed and how we would like it to be perceived.