Haringey Council is working with muf architects and members of the local community on improvements to three green spaces near Seven Sisters station: Page Green Common, Rangemoor Open Space and Page Green Terrace.

Come along to our community gardening event! 

We would like to invite all members of the local community to a gardening event on Saturday 13 November 11am – 1pm, where you can help shape the proposals for Rangemoor Open Space and Page Green Terrace while trying out some gardening. Meet us at Rangemoor Open Space and get involved!

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Read on for more information on the three spaces and how to get involved in shaping the designs for Rangemoor Open Space and Page Green Terrace.

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Page Green Common

Page Green Common is a green space at the junction of High Road and Broad Lane. Haringey Council appointed muf architects in 2018 to improve the physical environment of the Common whilst celebrating its history, making it feel safer and more welcoming, and encouraging people to stay there longer and more often.

We held events on the Common where we spoke with local residents and businesses, Earlsmead Primary School, Page Green Residents Association and local creatives to understand what improvements they would like to see. Their views informed a concept design that was approved by the Council in 2019.

Following delays to the project, we are now developing a detailed design for Page Green Common improvements that will be delivered in early 2022.

We have also identified elements that respond to the priorities of the local community and can be delivered in advance of the rest of the works to the Common.

These are:

  • Light and visibility across the Common have been improved by crown lifting the trees along Broad Lane carried out in June 2021
  • A new zebra crossing on Wakefield Road to make the journey between school and the Common safer and more pleasant. The zebra crossing will complement the School Street on Walton Road to the east of Earlsmead Primary School and contribute to the Council’s broader objectives of promoting walking and cycling and improving air quality
  • Removing the central shrubbery on the Common, which members of the local community told us attracts anti-social behaviour and littering and contributes to low feelings of safety. We are undertaking an ecological survey which will inform the timing and method for shrubbery removal whilst protecting biodiversity

The latest designs are presented in the sketch below.

How to get involved

If you would like to find out more about the plans for Page Green Common get in touch via email at tottenhamregeneration@haringey.gov.uk 

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Rangemoor Open Space and Page Green Terrace

As an outcome of discussions with the local community, we have decided to look into small-scale improvements to Rangemoor Open Space and Page Green Terrace, which are seen as valuable but underused green spaces in the area. We would like to understand the community’s views, which will help us to develop designs for the two spaces and seek funding to deliver the improvements.

In summer 2021, we held an online survey and a drop-in session for members of the local community to give their views. Recently, we held workshops to develop designs with Earlsmead Primary School and Priscila Wakefield care home, who are key users of the spaces.

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How to get involved

We invite you to share your views on the designs developed with members of the local community at our community gardening event at 11am – 1pm on Saturday 13 November. Meet us at Rangemoor Open Space and get involved!

Everyone is welcome to come along - whether to take part in the gardening, to share your views on the proposals for Page Green Terrace and Rangemoor Open Space, or to meet and spend time with other local residents. If you would like to take part in the gardening, please make sure to wear appropriate clothing/shoes. The project team will provide any tools required.

We will be posting the latest designs online for comment in November 2021. The link to the consultation will be provided on this page. If you would like to be notified of the launch of the consultation, or have any further questions on the project, please email us tottenhamregeneration@haringey.gov.uk.

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