Students and parents at Duke’s Aldridge Academy in Tottenham have been taking English language classes provided by Speak Street, a locally developed social enterprise and supported by Linklaters.

Speak Street’s fun and interactive classes are designed to help participants improve their English language skills and raise aspirations while providing an opportunity to meet new people in the wider school community.

In 2017/2018 three pilot sessions were held at Linklaters offices in the city of London. The sessions covered several topics including careers, health, sports and jobs and were supported by Linklaters' business volunteers.

The pilot was a success and all participants felt the classes had helped to improve their confidence and communication skills.

"I have never seen one of the students smile before coming on this program” said a school teacher from Duke’s Aldridge Academy, “the students seem really engaged, it's great for their confidence”.

Following the programme students said they felt more motivated to learn English in the future. In addition, parents and carers said they were better able to communicate with the school about their children’s learning and felt more integrated into the local community.

Following the programme all students said they felt more motivated to learn English in the future.

One parent with poor English skills was able to access the flexible classes which she couldn't find elsewhere and was able to learn enough English to speak with teachers at the school.

Speak Street with support from Linklaters, will continue to deliver programmes throughout the 2018/19 academic year at Dukes Aldridge Academy.