What is the Tottenham Charter?

The aim of the Tottenham Charter is to bring together key partners and deliver beneficial pledges. These pledges will support our aim to provide local residents with skills and experiences that will enable them to make the most of their own opportunity and ambition.

We want to:


Local young people through offering more world of work experiences, paid internships, apprenticeships and employment opportunities.


Local people and businesses by offering access to employment, skills and training opportunities and creating opportunities for local business.


The capacity of local community and voluntary sector groups by offering pro bono support, free use of event spaces and generating volunteering opportunities.

Why should partners sign up to the Charter?

We want Tottenham to become an area where its people and communities are confident, resilient and able to shape the factors that affect their local environment, family and social circumstances.

All groups of residents should feel empowered to access and take advantage of the new social and economic opportunities that Tottenham’s regeneration will bring.

Creating a stronger and more connected local community in Tottenham is critical to making sure that positive change in Tottenham is inclusive and sustainable.

How partners can help:

  • Participate and/or sponsor career fairs
  • Career-development sessions
  • Work-experience opportunities
  • Paid internships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Provide early notification of job vacancies to local job brokerages
  • Provide workforce forecast information
  • Skills training
  • Childcare – to enable people on low incomes to access childcare
  • Payment of London Living Wage
  • Support local businesses
  • Support for local community organisations: hosting or sponsoring events, supporting community programmes, volunteering opportunities, pro bono support

Contact us

If you would like more information on the Tottenham Charter please contact:

Tracey Edghill
Tottenham Charter Development Manager

Or download a copy of the Tottenham Charter booklet (PDF 1,212KB)