Introducing the SALB Residents association

One of the newest residents associations is the Stellar House group, covering Stellar House itself along with Altair Close,The Lindales and Bennetts Close (SALB).


Name: Helen Stone
Position: Chair
Lives: Altair Close
Why I got involved:
I thought it would be a good thing to do because this is a nice estate but there are some things that need to be adjusted and could be changed.

In less than a year we’ve achieved so much and we also have lots of plans for the future
to make the area safer and more pleasant for the good of the community.  I hope that
more residents come along to our meetings because this is all about your community. We
do it for the community and people should feel that they can take pride in where they live.


Name: Ruta Berhane
Position: Treasurer
Why I got involved:
I wanted to get involved because there are lots of things we need to change.
When we meet up everyone tells us what the issues are and what’s concerning them and then we put this forward to bodies such as the council. And things get done quicker than if we were individuals. We have some power.

People should get involved because they can put any issues they have forward and we will try to sort them. We would like more residents to get involved so hopefully people will come along to see what we’re about.


Name: Grace Yamoah
Position: Secretary
Why I got involved:
The resident association helps your community. There was a time when there was a lot of anti-social behaviour. But we met together and invited the police along and asked how to control these issues. So, with the support of the police, it’s now a lot better. And that’s all thanks to the residents association which has made this area a nicer place to live.